Sickrage Newsreader Review

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Sickrage is an automatic video library manager that supports multiple Usenet providers. It supports NZB and torrent files and is available for Windows and Linux operating systems and many more.


Sickrage is one of the more popular applications for automatic media downloads. It has a watch list feature that allows for automatic download once files are available.

Sickrage is often compared with Sickbeard and Couchpotato. What separates it from the two is its friendlier interface and its automatic subtitle downloader that supports multiple subtitle databases. Sickrage also supports more Usenet search and torrent providers.


Sickrage is an automatic library manager that focuses on videos. It has integration with popular clients for notifications and library updating, like HTPC frontend- XBMC/Kodi, Plex, Synology, and many more.

Sickrage supports Usenet and Torrent providers. Popular NZBDog, Usenet-Crawler from Usenet, and ThePirateBay, SceneAccess from torrent, are integrated into its search sources.

If you are planning to upgrade the current version of newsreader you are using, Sickrage allows you to back up and restore your database.

Additionally, Sickrage supports AniDB for anime shows. It also includes a simple subtitle downloader with support for several subtitle databases, including Addic7ed, TVSubtitles, OpenSubtitles, Podnapisi, and more. You can configure this on the application’s automatic subtitle matching and downloading settings.

Sickrage Main Page

General Features

  • It has an automatic NZB/torrent searching, retrieving, and downloading.
  • You can easily see the missing episodes, or update the old version of the episode/season.
  • Notifies the application when new videos are available.
  • It has improved the handling of failed downloads. Supports force retrying of extensive files.
  • Renaming of episodes available;
  • Frequent library updates; can download poster/banner/fan art.
  • It has the largest list of torrent and Usenet search providers.
  • It is available to different platforms.
Sickrage Add Shows Sickrage History


Sickrage has an SSL certificate validation. SSL encryption allows you to keep your downloading activity private and anonymous. Make sure you use an SSL enabled server and port coming from a reliable Usenet provider.


Sickrage is FREE to download. However, donations are encouraged to support the expenses and maintenance of the program. You can donate via custom or recurring contributions.

Here are the options for recurring contributions:

Supporter- $2/mo Backer- $5/mo Flexible Sponsor- $10/mo Dedicated Sponsor- $25/mo

Usage Information

Sickrage’s installation process varies depending on your operating system. It can be installed and downloaded via GIT repository, Docker Hub repository, Synology package repository, QNAP and ReadyNAS package, or via Windows installer.


For this review, we installed the software via Windows operating system. This is the easiest version for installing Sickrage. This installer can work without installing Git or Python.

  1. First, download the Windows installer here;
  2. Once downloaded, extract and run the .exe file;
Sickrage Newsreader Extract Sickrage Newsreader Install1
  1. Select the location folder of your download;
Sickrage Newsreader Install3
  1. Select the port on which the Sickrage will run. 8081 is the default.

  2. Tick the box of Create desktop icon, if you want to add a shortcut on your desktop.

  3. Get ready to install by reading all the information provided, and then click ‘Install’

Sickrage Newsreader Install2
  1. After finishing the download, you will be directed to its website.
Sickrage Newsreader Install5

For other ways of installing Sickrage into different platforms and devices, visit this site.


To configure your server information, go to the Search Provider option to change your settings accordingly. On the next tab, ‘Provider Options’, you can enter your server information like the one shown below. Click Save changes.

Sickrage Providers

Ease of Use

We can say that Sickrage is not very easy to install. It has a lot of steps and configurations to make it work, especially for Sickrage’s older versions and for those that want to install it via GitHub and python code. However, alternative ways are provided like the one presented in the Installation part of this review. Sickrage also provides tutorials on their website.

Sickrage has a dedicated Support Forum that handles Feature Requests, Community Contribution, Site Feedback, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Guides, How To’s, and General Support. In this way, customers will find updates and answers to their concerns regarding the platform. Sickrage also is very open to new ideas on how they can better improve their service.

Sickrage also has convenient features that aid in having the best possible automated downloading experience for users from its detailed show schedules and comprehensive show details.

Sickrage Show Details Sickrage Show Schedule


Known as the ‘Fork of Sickbeard’, Sickrage has a lot of features for downloading video content from Usenet and torrent while maintaining your video library and keeping it up to date. While it is not an easy program to install, Sickrage remains one of the favorite video managers for a lot of users. It supports and downloads appropriate subtitles and supports more Usenet search services than other similar video library managers. If you are using Sickbeard, we encourage you to try Sickrage to compare which one best suits your needs.


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