Unison Review 2020

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2018

It’s not often that we review Mac only software, and services, but Panic’s Union, is one of those rare occasions. This is a Usenet newsgroup newsreader that will cost you a little, but in the end, the client delivers a lot.

The client is mainly for offline reading and work, so the search will look through all the downloaded headers,and messages, but the online searches like Grabit, and Newsleecher has available won’t be possible within the client.

The latest release of Unison, 2.0, will cost new users $29 to get, but if you already have the client, you can upgrade for just $18 with your activation code. The client is great looking, and operates just like advertised. You can use the search browser to find files, groups, or NZB’s. After your files are downloaded there are automatic processing functions to unpack and repair your downloads.

Single click uploading, user specified rules for managing groups, and you can even stream your MP3’s and music files right from the server to your media player.

Main Features And Highlights Of Unison

  • User Defined rules for managing groups.
  • Automatic unpacking and repairing of downloads.
  • Search browser integrated.
  • No repair files are downloaded unless needed.
  • Preview images and music.
  • Favorites sidebar makes finding specific groups easy.
  • View and post in either HTML or regular text.
  • Files are automatically grouped by file type.

Unison Summary

We were pleased with our test run with Union. Installation went easily, and the client worked great for us. The only real downside we found with the program was that there wasn’t any online searching available for the user from within the client, but this was easily remedied,  (by us,) by going to Merlins Portal to do our searches. We had to set up an auto import file, for the client to start working automatically, but this wasn’t too hard either.


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