Unzbin Review 2020

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2018

The Unzbin client is a Usenet client that was designed exclusively with downloading and processing NZB’s in mind. But that’s not all the development team had in mind. This client has the distinction of being very similar to the bittorrent client uTorrent., a very popular program.

Unzbin has a very small footprint to clutter up your system, and from our observations, the developers continue to update and add features constantly. With their focus remaining constantly on NZB’s this client not only handles them, but does it very well. The client is run on the DotNet framework, so at this point there aren’t any versions for Mac or Linux.

Main Features And Highlights Of Unzbin

  • Automatic unpacking and repairing of your RAR and PAR files.
  • RSS/ATOM integrated right into the client with regex filter.
  • Beginners will find this client easy to use.
  • Torrent freaks will love it, very similar to uTorrent.
  • Automatic updater.
  • Automatic message decoding.
  • Full support for yEnc, UUencode, and base64.
  • Par’s will be paused until needed.
  • SSL encryption available in the client.
  • Multiple server support.

Other features include bandwidth limiting, speed limiting, download scheduling, and much more than this. The client is free, and you will need DotNet 2.0 or later to run it, so this is a Windows only program, although it is a little sad, we would have liked to try this on our Debian distro.

Unzbin Summary

We particularly liked the fact that this is so much like the uTorrent client. We have often heard torrenters complain that Usenet would be great if it was more like torrenting. Well now these people have something that at least feels familiar, and will ease the learning curve immensely for them.

For the beginners, they won’t have any problems at all either. With this client many will be downloading NZB’s in no time at all.


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