Best NZB Sites and USENET Search Engines of 2023

1img/nzbfinder-rank-logo.png  logoNewznab Plus5 Free NZBs / Day€10/Year
2img/nzbgeek-rank-logo.png  logonewznab30 NZBs for 3 days$12/yr
3img/usenet-crawler-rank-logo.png  logoNewznab1000 NZBs$20/yr
4img/nzbgrabit-rank-logo.png  logonewznab10 NZBs£6.50
5img/drunkenslug-rank-logo.png  logonewznab5 NZBs/day$10/yr

NZB Sites and USENET Search Engines help you find exactly what you are looking for quickly. Usenet has so much data that it can be overwhelming. By using a NZB Site or a USENET search engine you can easily find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

USENET is famous for the staggering amount of content it makes available. Like any other vast reservoir of content, one needs a way to search through it all, and that’s where the services on this page come in.

NZB files are specific to USENET. If you’re already familiar with what NZBs are and what they do, scroll down to the end of this paragraph to see our list of top NZB sites. If not, scroll down below the recommendations to get more information on what NZBs are and how they make life a lot easier when you’re searching for binaries on USENET.


  • Newznab Plus Interface
  • 5 Free NZBs / Day free NZBs
  • €10/Year price
Read more about NZBFinder here
This service tops our list. It’s open for memberships, offers three different levels of VIP memberships and, with the highest level of membership, you get unlimited hits and grabs off of the system.

NZBFinder has video and audio groups, and a lot of the binaries they index are very high quality, from full BluRay releases and beyond. We highly recommend this site. Try out their free membership to get an idea of what they have to offer.

NZB Tortuga

  • newznab plus Interface
  • 5 Free NZBs / Day free NZBs
  • $13 / Year VIP price
Read more about NZB Tortuga here
Open for new members and offering a low-cost VIP membership for power users, NZB Tortuga is a great deal all around. This service offers unlimited downloads for members–five per day for non-members–and a whopping 6,000 API calls per day for VIPs.

This site is great for privacy. They don’t keep any logs of your downloads and they offer an HTTPS connection, so you can download content without having to worry about prying eyes.

Usenet Crawler

  • Newznab Interface
  • 1000 NZBs free NZBs
  • $20/yr price
Read more about Usenet Crawler here
Usenet Crawler has plenty of great features and, for $10, you can become a lifetime VIP member, which lets you take advantage of everything the site has to offer. With a VIP membership, you get 5,000 downloads and 50,000 API calls per day. This site offers access to a huge number of NZBs. Combine this with a good provider and you’ll never run out of content to download.

This is one of the newer sites on this list, but don’t let that dissuade you from giving Usenet Crawler a shot. The site is based on the tried-and-true Newznab system, it’s very easy to use, and they have more than 10,000 members already.


  • newznab Interface
  • 5 NZBs/day free NZBs
  • $10/yr price
Read more about NZBPlanet here
NZBPlanet has been around for a long time and they’ve consistently been good. Their selection of NZBs is impressive, and they have open memberships, so it’s easy to get started on this site.

You can download five NZBs per day as a free member, but upgrade to a VIP membership for $10 per year and you get unlimited NZB downloads and 5,000 API calls per day. While the free account is really quite limited at NZBPlanet, it still offers enough for most users to figure out whether or not they want to upgrade to a VIP membership. If you do decide to take the plunge, this provider takes Bitcoin and credit cards, so it’s’ very easy to sign up.


  • newznab Interface
  • 30 NZBs for 3 days free NZBs
  • $12/yr price
Read more about NZBgeek here
This provider doesn’t offer a free account, but NZBGeek has a $12 per year VIP membership that gets you access to their really quite excellent search engine and other site features. This provider takes Bitcoin, as well, so you don’t have to worry about currency exchange rates or other hassles.

NZBGeek has a bulletin board system and a USENET indexer on their site, so there’s plenty of community interaction. The community seems to be a big draw, judging by the comments here at This is particularly good for people who need a bit of help learning to use USENET to its best effect. Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow geeks if you need help with something!

NZB files explained

If you haven’t used USENET before, you probably haven’t heard of an NZB file. NZB files don’t contain the binary you want; they contain information that allows your newsreader to find that binary on your USENET service. They’re often referred to as a type of pointer file. They contain XML information, which is just text, so they’re very small. That’s how NZB sites allow you to download so many NZBs per day.

There’s something important to keep in mind when downloading NZB files that bears mentioning. Our top USENET providers all offer SSL protection when you’re downloading binaries, but NZB files are downloaded in your browser, so the connection isn’t necessarily encrypted. For privacy’s sake, make sure the site from which you’re downloading uses HTTPS instead of HTTP–check in the URL bar–or use a VPN. Some of our top providers offer free VPN service with their USENET packages, which is, in fact, one of the reasons they top our list!

Opening NZB files

In all likelihood, when you installed your USENET downloader or newsreader, it associated itself with NZB files. To open an NZB and download the binary it points to, double click on the NZB and your downloader program should open it up automatically. If not, associate NZB files with your downloader however you do it on your operating system.

NZB Sites vs USENET Search Engines

No. While a lot of sites might mix up listings for NZB sites and USENET search engines, we believe there’s enough distinction between the two to make this inappropriate. The big difference between the two is that NZB sites are curated, which means that human beings check the indexes and take out all the spam. On USENET search engines, there isn’t that level of filtering of the indexes, so you’re more likely to get spam listings on a USENET search engine than you are on an NZB site. Most often, that means NZB sites will save you time and get you better results compared to USENET search engines, but don’t discount USENET search engines altogether. They can still be very handy if you can’t find what you want on an NZB site.

NZB Availability with my USENET Provider

If you go with one of our top USENET providers, featured on our Best USENET Providers of 2023 page, you’ll find most of the binaries you’re after. However, if you don’t, consider getting a block account from another provider for backup. This is a great way to make sure the binaries you’re after will be available for you to download.

All Working NZB Sites as of 2023

NZBFinder logoNewznab Plus€10/Year
NZBgeek logonewznab$12/yr
Usenet Crawler logoNewznab$20/yr
NZBGrabit logonewznab£6.50
DrunkenSlug logonewznab$10/yr
DogNZB logoCustom$20/yr logonewznab$15/yr
NZBPlanet logonewznab$10/yr
FileSharingTalk logoforum based$10/yr
OmgWtfNZBs logonewznab & custom$10/yr logocustomfree
GingaDaddy logonewznab+$17/yr
NZBCat logonZEDb$15/yr
NzbNDX logoNewznab$12/yr
Oznzb logoNewznab$16/yr
Tabula Rasa logoNewznab$10
ABNZB logoNewznab$12/yr
News69 logonewznab+none
Althub logoNewznab$10/yr
SimplyNZBs logonewznab£5.00
NewZFinders logocustomfree logocustom$10/yr
NZBF360 logocustom application$7.49 lifetime
NZBScout logocustomfree
NZBNation logocustom$12.00
LuluNZB logonewznab€12/yr
Miatrix logoNewznab$10 / Year VIP
The Hive logocustom$15/yr
Nzbnoob logoNewznab plus$12.00/year
Binsearch logocustomfree
WtfNZB logoundisclosedfree
NZBStars logoSpotNetfree
Binzb logocustomN/A
SceneNZB logonewznab€3/mo
EliteNZB logoNewznab€30.00/yr logospotnetN/A
NZBWolf logocustomN/A
NZBKing logocustomN/A
FindNZB logogetnzbN/A
NZBs2GO logospotnet£5/ yr
NZBforyou logocustom$13/yr
NinjaCentral logonewznab$20/yr
NewzNZB logocustomN/A
PourCeSoir logoNewznab€20/year
Pirates4all logoVBulletinN/A logoSpotnetfree
BinnewZ logocustomfree
Big-bit logocustomN/A
Army of Strangers logocustom€5 logocustom$30/yr
Brothers of Usenet logocustomN/A
NZB Tortuga logonewznab plus$13 / Year VIP

Top USENET Providers

1Newshosting Review logo
2Eweka Review logo
3Tweaknews Review logo