EliteNZB Review

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2021

Established in 2011, EliteNZB is a Dutch NZB forum that gives its users free downloads to its forum-based uploading system.


Note: EliteNZB has released this statement: After 8 years, 11 months and 21 days, the curtain falls for Elitenzb. The time for Elitenzb is over.

EliteNZB has been in the industry since 2011, and it’s known for uploading movies with Dutch subtitles. Although they do not have a lot of members, they have a supportive and respectful community, and that’s what matters for the developer of EliteNZB.

It has a free and easy-to-register account, and before you download a file, they require it to post a friendly comment to the uploader.


EliteNZB has a chatbox for its users. We can find it in the upper left corner of the page. Also, you can customize your profile, and fill out your personal information and social media accounts. You can follow and block people, and you can also see who is online at the moment.

EliteNZB sponsors a VPN server, and it’s been with them through the ups and downs of its database.

Pricing and Payment Methods

EliteNZB lets you upgrade to a premium account by paying them through Paypal and iDeal. They also accept a donation to help their website running.

1 month  €2.50  
2 months  €5.00  
3 months  €7.50  
6 months  €15.00  
1 year  €30.00  
Permanent  €75.00  

Unfortunately, details like API integration and the download capacity of each plan are not mentioned on their website. They do not have a support form, and their emails are automated and it does not support queries. You can find them however in the forum section when they post an update to their server.


The retention was not mentioned on their website.


The website looks standard and ordinary. When you enter the website, you will notice that the language used is Dutch. This does not automatically translate to English, so you need to manually choose the translate to English setting to understand what the website is offering. However, comments in the forum section are not translated, you would need a translator to understand the instruction or to read what is written there.

The platform and the interface are clean. With its black background and white letters, you can easily find the keywords and phrases you are looking for. They do not use overly colorful photos, and the website does not have any advertisements.

Technical Details

EliteNZB is having technical problems lately. Sometimes, its users cannot access the database, and when they can, they still find the supply lacking in content.

The latest downtime lasted for 12 hrs, 37 mins with 77% uptime results. Although it has an SSL encryption connection, its users warn to not log in thru your social media accounts.

The server location is in the United States.


While the EliteNZB is providing us free and easy to use accounts to download files, many of its loyal users are not satisfied with the supply of releases the website is providing. We will not deny how supportive and friendly its users are, but with the lack of contact information, and frequent downtime of the website, EliteNZBs is just as good for a back-up website.


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