FileSharingTalk Review

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021

FileSharingTalk is a forum-based site where finding and downloading NZB files differ from other indexers.


FileSharingTalk is a community-based website where you can get links to NZB files through their forum. The site has specific rules that you have to follow to keep your privileges either as a free member who explores the website or as a donator who has certain advantages. If you break their rules, you’ll find that privileges may be reduced, or you may be kicked out of the site.


Users won’t find any actual NZB files on the site, but just links through the FileSharingTalk forum. If you are a donator, you get access to the verified NZBs section of the website. You also get instant access to BitTorrent invites and trades and up to 500 private messages. Aside from that, ads are also reduced on the site if you are a donator.

Pricing & Payment Methods

Membership plans are priced according to the period you choose, and you can pay for your membership via PayPal:

· One month - $2
· Three months - $5
· One year - $10
· Three years - $20
· Five years - $30


There is no retention information stated on the FileSharingTalk website, but based on information from other sources, they are said to have a retention of 500 days.


As previously mentioned, FileSharingTalk is a forum-based site. They do not follow the usual platform of other NZB indexers where you can access actual NZB files on their sites. There are several discussion tabs on their site from file sharing to one that is dedicated to BitTorrent. They have an active community that assists in guides and tutorials that would be perfect for first-time Usenet users.

Technical Details

FileSharingTalk has an uptime average of 99% and a response time of 1776 milliseconds. There are no other technical details available for FileSharingTalk, but this may be due to the difference the site has compared to standard Newznab sites.


User experience with FileSharingTalk would be different with that of other NZB sites since they are a community-based site. As a donator, though, you have access to a verified section of NZBs which gives you less worry on getting junk NZBs and burning time browsing or downloading them. All in all, although different, FileSharingTalk gives some features that are an improvement over other NZB sites.


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