NZBFinder Review 2020

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018


This Newsnab based indexing service advertises that they only index the high quality video and audio groups. This means that the garbage that usually clogs search results will be absent. The minimum file size of 250 MB also ensures that fakes are not present. They go back about 1,100 days and the indexer refreshes it’s lists approximately every 5 minutes.

NZBFinder Features

NZBFinder is a Newsnab based site, so the environment will be familiar to veteran users and easy to use for beginners. Here are a few more of the highlights of this service:

  • Retention: 1,100 days
  • NZBs 500,000+ high quality, with almost no fakes, or garbage.
  • Payment: Paypal, bitcoin, and credit cards.
  • Computing: 8 threaded Xenon E3-1245, 32 GB RAM, and 3 intel 120 GB SSDs, on a 1 Gb/sec connection.
  • Limited free accounts.

NZBFinder Memberships

You can register for free, and will be allowed up to 10 API calls and 5 NZB downloads per day. Here’s the scoop on the others:

  • VIP Account – 10 Euros donation: 5,000 NZBs and 5,000 API called p/day.
  • Premium – 20 Euros donation: 10,000 NZBs and 10,000 API calls p/day.
  • Elite – 35 Euros donation: Unlimited NZBs and unlimited API hits p/day.

NZBFinder Public Access NZB Indexes

The computing power behind this Newsnab website is quite impressive, as well as a fairly large library. The site updates every 5 minutes, and with such a small membership slow downs almost never happen. We are predicting that this site will go far once their fan-base starts picking up…

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