Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021 offers a free service that helps users search for files they need on Usenet. The website does not require any invites or any fees for upgrading membership.

img/ is far from a perfect Usenet search engine. But being an all-access, free-to-use site makes a convenient option for users. This indexer is able to function without fees or donations because it is advertiser supported. The site is very reliable and is hardly down and comes up with search results quickly.


Probably the best key feature of this Usenet search engine is its fast generation of search results. Once you get the results you need, you simply select the file you want to download. Some features that are good to note is that you can do multiple downloads by selecting multiple files from your results. You can also select a file that you would want to takedown or report as spam to help remove unwanted or irrelevant search results that have come up. RSS feed is also available, and their groups page shows the binary retention of each indexed newsgroup.

Pricing & Payment Methods does not charge any fees and they rely on advertiser support to continue running their site.


The service has a retention of 1900 days for most newsgroups, but this varies for each individual group. Based on our most recent check, allows you to search through over 900 groups.

Interface has a custom interface that differs from other NZB sites. Their website features a few main links you can click like language options, search, groups and FAQs. The homepage mainly presents a search box where you can type in the file you are looking for and this generates the results. There are no categories or subcategories present.

Technical Details

As mentioned, rarely is down and they have an average uptime of 99% and a response time of 570 milliseconds. While there are no other technical details available with this NZB site, please remember that they function differently if you compare them to a newznab based indexing service. This means that lacks proper integrations and APIs with other services or applications.

Summary is a great Usenet search engine, but it has some flaws when compared to other NZB sites. The lack of API integrations with other applications would pose a hassle for some Usenet users. But putting that aside, is still a decent option for searching files on Usenet. It would be a great alternative for new Usenet users or for those who do not download on Usenet heavily.


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