Pirates4all Review

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2021

Pirates4all is a Dutch NZB indexing website with free registrations and unlimited downloads to its users.


Pirates4all is a 3-year-old Usenet community that indexes everything from the newsgroup with an estimate of 3000+ unique daily visitors or 8000+ daily page views. The website based their download capacity on every ‘Thank you’ post of its members. Meaning, after you say thank you in a post, you will get a hidden message that you can use to download a file.

It is a clean and organized platform with every instruction and page tracker from every click you went through. It has friendly members and the moderators are actively checking posts to see potential spam posts. Spammers will get a bad and low reputation and may be removed from the group without notice.

You can send small to large files within the website through its integrated platforms connected to it- Postimages, Wetransfer, and Workupload. Pirates4all also added a Reverse Text feature that is a string reverser that allows you to get reversed text.


From the moment you register, you will notice that there are tons of instructions and ‘pirate’ rules on your front page before you could even download or upload files. It has tutorials, a help desk for your queries, web releases, and a ‘forum full of ideas’ from its members to discuss certain topics and changes in the platform.

The website has a calendar for events and birthday trackers. It has community links and easy access to new posts, which are updated every 15 seconds.

In addition, you can change the forum skin based on your choice of style and for the compatibility of your desktop and mobile devices. Language is also available in Dutch or English.

Pirates4all lets you download all private messages, and with the help of using tags in the search engine, you can easily navigate and look for the keywords and phrases in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The advanced search lets you sort and finds posts based on its date, username, relevance, title, and through forums and groups.

Pricing and Payment Methods

True to its vision to give free access to unlimited uploads and downloads, Pirate4all is free to use. Should you have questions, Pirates4all lets you send an email through their contact us page.


The website does not disclose the retention of the binary on the website, but the search results limit is up to one year only.


Pirates4all has a clean and smart interface, organized to help its users navigate each setting and features easily. It has easy navigation links and addresses at the top of your webpage to see the history of clicks and pages you visited.

You can see how active their posters and users based on the newly upload files updated every 15 seconds in the uppermost corner of the page, and while it is true that its users have different personalities, Pirate4all also comes with a different mood and style.

Technical Details

Pirates4all updates its content every 15 seconds, and it has an average of 4742 milliseconds of average response rate and up to 99% uptime rate.

Pirates4all is powered by vBulletin and other custom developers. Pirate4all does not disclose any other technical details on their website.


Pirates4all offers a miscellaneous activity to its users. It has a detailed and well-optimized website for uploading and downloading NZB files. Its users are helping each other to access each download by saying pleasant words to the uploader. We cannot see any reason not to consider Pirates4all. After all, it is a free and easy-to-register platform, with unlimited downloads and the opportunity to meet people.


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