AnarQy Review

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021


While AnarQy offers unlimited downloads through their primary server and provides easy access to newsgroups using your internet browser, their service seems dated and could use a lot of improvements. There isn’t a lot of information on their website or an FAQ section that could help in making a sound decision to go for an AnarQy service.

Note: This Usenet provider has not updated its pricing and services in several years. It is also quite evident on their website that they are unable to compete with top Usenet providers in the industry today. However, this is not to say that they are a bad provider.


AnarQy’s monthly subscription is $8.99 which includes the following:

· Unlimited downloads on their primary server · 12 to 20 connection depending on the server used · SSL encryption · Daily download allowance of 2GB on other servers. Unused credits accumulate.

For a detailed breakdown of inclusions per server, please scroll down to configuration information.


This provider only has a retention of around 360 days, which is very low compared to current industry standards.

Free Trial

AnarQy does not have a free trial offering, but they have a $2.95 fee for a 7-day trial. You will not be charged if you cancel on or before the 7th day, but once the 8th day begins, they will charge you with their regular subscription fee of $8.99 per month until cancelled.

Special Offers

AnarQy activates membership instantly for $2.95 for only 7 days.

Payment Options

The provider only accepts credit cards (Discover, Visa and Mastercard)

Configuration Information

AnarQy has a list of recommended newsreader software that you can use to take full advantage of their service. Below is their list of servers and ports that you can use with their corresponding limitations:

  • (Chicago)

    • Unlimited server
    • Speed cap
    • Connections: 12
    • NNTP Ports: 119 or 80
    • SSL Ports: 563 or 443
  • (Amsterdam)

    • Daily download allowance, unused credits accumulate
    • No speed cap
    • Connections: 12
    • NNTP Ports: 119, 23, 80, 443 or 8080
    • SSL Port: 563
  • (Atlanta)

  • (Amsterdam)

    • Daily download allowance, unused credits accumulate
    • No speed cap
    • Connections: 20
    • NNTP Port: 119 or 443
    • SSL: not available
  • (Chicago)

    • Unlogged, anonymous, posting only server
    • Requires generating a unique login
    • NNTP Port: 119
    • SSL Ports: 563 or 443

Your username must be in the form of username@node1 and follow the instructions given by your newsreader software.

Speed Test

According to users, AnarQy’s connection speeds are fairly on the standard level. They have a total of 5 servers in the US and Europe.

Anarqy Speed Test


There is no privacy policy information stated on the AnarQy website.

Customer Service

If you have a problem or questions regarding their service, you may reach them at

Additional Products

AnarQy does not have any add-on products available.


While AnarQy has multiple servers both in the US and Europe which may appeal to some consumers, their service is dated and seems like their website or features have not been updated and improved for quite some time now. This provider offers a decent amount of connections and SSL encryption, but they could increase their retention rate for the price subscribers pay for their service.

Other Usenet providers charge the same rate with better features and an updated service. Better instead to check out our list of best usenet providers listed at the top of the page.


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