AnonyNews Review

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021


AnonyNews ensures high- speed downloads for users all over the world through their network of servers that are connected to the internet via multiple redundant high-speed gigabit connections. They offer unlimited download accounts and allow users access to 50 connections.


AnonyNews only offers a single account that can be availed either on a per month, per quarter or per year basis. Their plan features unlimited downloads, 50 simultaneous connections, access to their servers in the US and Europe, SSL encryption and anonymous uploads and no-logging downloads.

  • Per Month - $19.99
  • Per Quarter - $56.97
  • Per Year - $219.88


Their servers are connected to huge back-end spools, guaranteeing good retention. AnonyNews retention is currently at 3000 days for binaries and is increasing daily.

Free Trial

AnonyNews does not have any free trial offering.

Special Offers

There are no discounts or coupons available with this provider.

Payment Options

Currently, AnonyNews only accepts credit card debit payments both for security reasons and to keep their administrative load down.

Configuration Information

AnonyNews has two server systems:

  • US:
  • EU:

You should use the server system closest to you, but if any issue arises with that system you can use the other system. Both systems have the same retention.

You should also configure the ports to:

  • NNTP: 119, 20, 23, 53, 443, 2000, 8080, 9000, 9001, 9002
  • NNTP + SSL: 563, 80, 81, 465, 993

We recommend that subscribers use SSL ports for security purposes.

Speed Test

AnonyNews provides high speed downloads via multiple high-performance systems. This would enable users to maximize the speed of their own broadband connection when accessing Usenet.

Anonynews Speed Test


SSL encrypted access is available with an AnonyNews plan. This means you can access Usenet without having to worry about who can see your activity. AnonyNews does not log any upload or download activity. They only keep some upload data for the sole reason of tracking spammers.

There is no information on the company’s privacy policy.

Customer Service

Their customer support is open 24/7 and you can reach them through their online web form. You may also check their FAQ page for basic service and configuration information.

Additional Products

AnonyNews does not have any additional products available.


While AnonyNews has some decent features needed for a good Usenet experience, their service seems dated. Their pricing is a lot higher than our top Usenet providers who offer better features at lower costs. AnonyNews may benefit from updating both their services and their website to appeal to more consumers.


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