AtlantisNews Review

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021


While AtlantisNews claims to have the longest retention days in the industry, there is no specific given number of days of retention stated on their website. This provider does, however, offer access to about 53,000 newsgroups, 8 simultaneous full-speed connections and a private and secure Usenet experience. It is also important to note that this Usenet provider is quite outdated and seems not to have kept up with the times and with its competitors.


AtlantisNews has multiple account options that customers can choose from. These plans differ in daily or monthly download allotment and can be availed on a per month or per year subscription depending on the package you select.

PlanDownload LimitPrice Per MonthPrice Per Year
Basic  1GB/day  $9.95  $69.50  
Super Premium Supreme  6GB/day  $29.95  None  
Premium Supreme Ultimate  14GB/day  $49.95  None  
Binaries Turbo  100GB/mo  $29.95  None  
Binaries Ultimate  200GB/day  $49.95  None  
Premium  2GB/day  $14.95  $89.95  
50GB Block Account  50GB non-expiring  $19.95 onetime payment  None  
Premium Supreme  3GB/day  $19.95  $99.00  


AtlantisNews claims to have the longest retention rate in the industry, but based on our research they only have 21 days of retention.

Free Trial

This provider is not offering any free trial period.

Special Offers

AtlantisNews has no special offers.

Payment Options

AtlantisNews accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover as payment for their service.

Configuration Information

The address of the server for AtlantisNews is and you can connect to standard port 119, 23, 25 or 80. Users can use up to 8 simultaneous connections.

Speed Test

Atlantisnews Speed Test

Speed would depend on how fast your own internet connection is, but Atlantis claims to max out your broadband connection with their servers.


AtlantisNews puts up safeguards to protect user privacy from signing up to downloading or posting. They do not keep logs of your downloads and do not distribute personal information about their customers.

Customer Service

You can reach AtlantisNews through For quick and detailed answers, include your username, a detailed explanation of your question and the newsreader or client you are using.

Additional Products

AtlantisNews has no additional products.


While AtlantisNews has multiple plans that various Usenet users can choose from, their pricing is not as competitive as other providers.

In addition, they have not updated their website in forever. So definitely look elsewhere.


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