Eurofeeds Review

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2017

They may have a fancy European name but there are too expensive


Eurofeeds Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

Eurofeeds currently offer a 5Gb trial account which costs just €1.50 and it is valid for 3 days once activated. Once the trial account has expired you will be given the opportunity to become a full member.

Eurofeeds Free Trial

Eurofeeds does not have any free trials that are actually ‘free’.

Eurofeeds Plan / Price Offerings

There are two main options available (unlimited traffic and monthly limit), but besides that, there are many sub-options available within these two main options. These are listed in the following lines:

  • 200 GB/mo. – €39.00 a month
  • 100 GB/mo. – €23.00 a month
  • 70 GB/mo. – €17.00 a month
  • 50 GB/mo. – €14.00 a month
  • 30 GB/mo. – €10.00 a month
  • 20 GB/mo. – €7.50 a month
  • unlimited (20 Mbps) – €20.95 a month
  • unlimited (12 Mbps) – €16.95 a month
  • unlimited (8 Mbps) – €13.50 a month
  • unlimited (4 Mbps) – €11.95 a month
  • unlimited (1 Mbps) – €8.95 a month

Eurofeeds Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We have not tested Eurofeeds connection speeds, but they are most likely based on the plans chosen, as well as the speed of users’ internet connections.

Eurofeeds have one server farm located in the Europe. There are 8-10 simultaneous connections available and the SSL encryption is available; they fully support NNTPS (NNTP over SSL) which is supported on all products and is offered at no additional charge. NNTPS is available at port 563 and at port 600. The server addresses are:


Both servers are using port 119.

Eurofeeds Technical Notes

Eurofeeds’ website does not have any technical information about their service.

Eurofeeds Quality of Service

We haven’t had the chance to test the quality of service that Eurofeeds provide, but according to their website, their retention equals 160 days for binary groups and 720 days for text groups. The completion time is more than 98%.

Eurofeeds Customer Service

Eurofeeds’ customer service support is through an online form, where you can submit a ticket, or send them a message about your issues.

Eurofeeds Conclusion

You will get better pricing plus a brand name elsewhere s0 take a look at our list of the  Best Usenet Providers and make up your mind for yourself.


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