Extreme Usenet Review

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2021


Extreme Usenet provides quality service that includes a good amount of retention, use of their European servers, access to 150,000 groups and free SSL encryption. Enjoy unlimited downloading with speeds up to 200 Mbit/s.


Extreme Usenet has two plan options that are differentiated by how many hours users can access Usenet. All subscriptions are non-recurring, so users have the option to renew or not when plans expire.

Their 24/7 access plans differ in speed and number connections and can be availed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

24/7 Access Packages

Extremeusenet Pricing1 Extremeusenet Pricing2
Plan/ SpeedConnectionsMonthlyQuarterlySemi-AnnualAnnual
4 Mbit  4  €4,00  €11,40  €21,60  €38,40  
8 Mbit  4  €5,00  €14,30  €27,00  €48,00  
12 Mbit  8  €6,00  €17,10  €32,40  €57,60  
20 Mbit  12  €6,50  €18,53  €35,10  €62,40  
30 Mbit  12  €7,00  €19,95  €37,80  €67,20  
60 Mbit  12  €8,00  €22,80  €43,20  €76,80  
120 Mbit  20  €10,00  €28,50  €54,00  €96,00  
150 Mbit  20  €12,00  €32,00  €60,00  €110,00  
200 Mbit  20  €14,00  €40,00  €75,00  €140,00  
300 Mbit  4  €17,00  €48,50  €90,00  €170,00  

Extreme Usenet also offers discount packages which allow Usenet access for only 12 hours a day. There are three time options for this package: 0:00 to 12:00, 2:00 to 14:00, or 4:00 to 16:00 with GMT+1 time zone. With this plan, you also get the same features others get from 24/7 access like SSL encryption and the full 1500+ days of retention.

12/7 Access

Extremeusenet Pricing3
Plan/ SpeedConnectionsMonthlyQuarterlySemi-AnnualAnnual
12 Mbit  12  €2,50  €6,00  €12,00  €22,50  
20 Mbit  12  €4,50  €12,00  €24,00  €45,00  
30 Mbit  12  €5,00  €14,00  €28,00  €55,00  
60 Mbit  12  €6,00  €16,00  €32,00  €60,00  


The provider currently has a retention of 1500+ days.

Free Trial

Extreme Usenet does not offer any free trials or any money-back guarantee with their plans.

Special Offers

There are no existing special offers from Extreme Usenet.

Payment Options

Extreme Usenet accepts major credit cards, Giropay, Sofort, Bancontact, MisterCash or Ideal. Subscribers also have the option to pay via wire transfer. Bank information is available on their FAQ page.

Configuration Information

They have servers in The Netherlands, and they have a big diversity in European connections.

Their server address is news.exteremeusenet.nl. You can use the default port 119 or if this is blocked by your ISP, try port 80. For SSL, use port 563 or 443.

Speed Test

The speed of your Usenet use would mainly depend on the plan you select. Extreme Usenet offers up to 300 Mbit/s of speed. Generally, their service performs fast and this will only be limited by your own broadband connection. Make sure you select the plan that would match the limits of your internet service provider.

Extremeusenet Speed Test


The provider includes free SSL encryption across all of their plans, which gives users secure Usenet access.

Extreme Usenet collects necessary user information needed for the processing of subscriptions and maintaining quality service. They will never release, sell or lease information to other parties without consent.

Customer Service

You may reach Extreme Usenet through info@extremeusenet.nl and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Koperweg 11-J2401LH
Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands

Additional Products

Extreme Usenet does not have any additional products in their service line-up.


While Extreme Usenet does not offer unlimited speed with any of their plans, they do have enough options that would suit the needs of users. They have different speed options partnered with decent amounts of connections at reasonable prices. You can also save money by up to 60% by subscribing to their 12/7 access plans. This would be perfect for Usenet users who have automated tools and are able to download during off-peak hours.


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