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Last Updated: Apr 02, 2018

Fastusenet has a 5 day and 10 GB free trial plan available. Not the best but ok — If you are looking for the best Free Trial


Fastusenet Deal / Fastusenet Coupon / Special Offer

Fastusenet has no special pricing nor discount coupons available.

Fastusenet Trial / Fastusenet Free Trial Offer

Fastusenet has a 5 day and 10 GB  free trial plan available.  Not the best but ok — If you are looking for the best Free Trial – you could check out Easynews.

Fastusenet Plan and Price Offerings

Fastusenet has block monthly and monthly unlimited accounts – for the block monthly account it is $6 a month for 35 GBs  and for the unlmited account it would be  $12 / month.

Fastusenet Block Plans

Fastusenet does not have any regular block plans.  They have block plans that expire every month however but not the traditional unlimited time block accounts.

Fastusenet Connection Speeds And Server Locations

Fastusenet has servers based in the USA and in Europe.

Fastusenet Technical Details

Retention for FastUsenet is limited to about Fastusenet offers basic Usenet access.  Their server address is

Fastusenet Customer Service

Customer service is limited to email only.

Fastusenet Quality And Message Completion

Fastusenet message completion is decent.

Fastusenet Service Conclusion

Whild Fastusenet’s service is ok we would recommend that you will find better options with our best usenet service list.  Providers such as Newshosting and Tweaknews can offer a higher quality and faster feed for less money.


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