FlashNewsgroups Review

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2017

$15/month for mediocre Usenet service is not a good deal for you


FlashNewsgroups Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

FlashNewsgroups doesn’t offer a trial account, but there is money back guarantee where the user can cancel the subscription during the first 30 days. The refund will be credited into the user’s credit card but they will keep $1.00 in order to cover the credit card processing costs.

FlashNewsgroups Free Trial

FlashNewsgroups does not have free trials.

FlashNewsgroups Plan / Price Offerings

FlashNewsgroups have the following pricing options available:

  • unlimited: $14.95/mo.
  • 30 GB/mo.: 9.95/mo. or $99.95/yr.
  • text only: $4.95/mo. or $44.95/yr.
  • 100 GB block – $39.95
  • 50 GB block – $21.95

FlashNewsgroups Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We have not tested the connection speed of FlashNewsgroups, but it is safe to assume that connection speed will be adequate unlike the pricing which is too much.

FlashNewsgroups Technical Notes

FlashNewsgroups’ website has no technical information about the client or their service.

FlashNewsgroups Quality of Service

The retention equals 90 days for binary groups and 180 days for text groups. The completion time is more than 99%.  However, we have not tested the service yet to confirm if the claim is true.

FlashNewsgroups Customer Service

They have an online support form and FAQ section that can be very helpful.

FlashNewsgroups Conclusion

$15/month for mediocre Usenet service is not a good deal for you ..  Instead check out the list  of our Best Usenet Providers


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