Gebruikhet Review

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Gebruikhet offers a mix of flat-rate accounts and block accounts.


Gebruikhet is a Dutch company that has numerous plans that also offers block accounts. They offer 1200+ days of retention, secure newsgroups via 1024-bit SSL and customer support in Dutch and English.


With their plans, you can have access to up to 20 connections and your choice of download speed. Gebruikhet also has block access plans that have data limits which are all divisible and no expiration.

Gebruikhet Pricing

Flat Rate Accounts

6 mBit  €4.99  6 Mbps  4  
8 mBit  €5.99  8 Mbps  6  
10 mBit  €6.99  10 Mbps  8  
15 mBit  €7.99  15 Mbps  10  
20 mBit  €9.99  20 Mbps  12  
60 mBit  €14.99  60 Mbps  15  
120 mBit  €19.99  120 Mbps  20  
200 mBit  €24.99  200 Mbps  20  

Block Accounts

Block AccessPrice
5 GB  €1.99  
15 GB  €5.99  
25 GB  €7.99  
45 GB  €9.99  
75 GB  €14.99  
150 GB  €24.99  
400 GB  €44.99  
1 TB  €95.00  
2 TB  €135.00  


Download from 150,000+ newsgroups with 1200+ days of retention.

Free Trial

They have no free trial offers existing. The closest thing you can do to test out their service is avail of the 5GB block access account at their cheapest rate.

Special Offers

Gebruikhet does not have any existing special offers or discounts but check with us again for possible future announcements from them.

Payment Options

Gebruikhet accepts the following payment methods: major credit cards, Paysafecard, iDeal and PayPal.

Configuration Information

To access their server, configure your settings using Standard port is 119 and secure ports 443 or 563.

Speed Test

You get fast speeds from Gebruikhet. They test well with speed and you will only be limited by the connection of your internet service provider. Your speed will also depend on the account you purchase. Flat-rate accounts vary from 6 Mbps to 200 Mbps. Make sure you avail of a plan that would not exceed the speed of your broadband connection.

Gebruikhet Speed Test


All their plans include 1024-bit SSL encryption, which gives users secure Usenet access.

Gebruikhet collects user information for account processing and to improve their services. They never make user data available to third parties for commercial purposes or for targeted marketing. The data collected is kept as long as a user is a client and is removed when you no longer wish to use Gebruikhet services.

Customer Service

For some basic support questions, you may check out the FAQ page of their website, but for other concerns or if your inquiries are unanswered, you may send them an email through

Albert Cuypstraat 44
2902 GC Capelle ad IJssel
Tel no: (088) 116-9060

Additional Products

There are no additional products mentioned on their website.


Gebruikhet has good, flexible plans that vary in speed, connections and block access. Having block access plans is particularly a good offering that not all Usenet providers have. While they are not a bad provider, they’re not as impressive as other Usenet services. Their website could be updated more since it seems a little dated. FAQs on their website are limited and could be improved to provide more information and help to their users and possible subscribers. But for their price point, you get a decent amount of retention, SSL encryption and your choice of speed limits or block access.


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