Netfeeds Review

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Netfeeds hasn't updated their website in a long time


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

At present, Netfeeds has no discounted pricing for plans or any special offers.

Free Trial

Netfeeds does not offer free trials for new users.

Plan / Price Offerings

Number of options are available, but let’s mention only the one most interesting for users. These are basic, premium and power plans. The first one provides 10GB/mo. and has the pricing of $9.99. The premium plan has the pricing of $19.99. and provides 25GB/mo. Finally, the power plan provides 50GB/mo. and costs $29.99. Let’s also mention that there are packages with unlimited traffic, starting at $17.95 for a one month period.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We have not tested the connection speeds, but according to online reviews of Netfeeds, their okay, and not excellent.

They have number of servers available with the following addresses:

  • (Amsterdam)
  • (New York)
  • (Arizona)

All IP addresses are encrypted so the user privacy is ensured. Maximum of 25 concurrent connections are allowed by the servers. The servers are strategically placed in order to provide better quality of the service; the server farms are located both in the USA and in the Europe. They also claim to have the largest usenet architecture in the world 185TB.

Technical Notes

Netfeeds’ website does not contain any technical information.

Quality of Service

We have not been given the chance to test the service of Netfeeds, however, their website shows that the retention numbers are rather good. They provide almost two years of binary article retention for the most newsgroups. The retention for the text articles is more than 1000 days. The completion rate is nearly 99%.

Customer Service

They have an online support system called the Usenet Support Center.


They have many packages available and ok retention times but the pricing is not competitive.  We recommend that you take a look at our list of Best Usenet Providers for an excellent Usenet service.


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