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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2017

At $14 / Month for a mediocre service, we don't think this is worth


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

NewsCat has no discounted pricing plans or any special deals.

Free Trial

NewsCat currently has no free trial offers.

Plan / Price Offerings

Newscat costs $14.95 per month. For this money, you’ll get 3 things:

  • Unlimited picture viewing and downloading via their „Usenet lens“ property
  • Unlimited picture viewing and downloading via their „Usenet browser“
  • Streaming movies

Once the user sign-up, she or she will be billed $14.95 every 30 days until desired cancellation.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We don’t have any information about the connection speeds of NewsCat, or the speed of downloading or streaming movies.  There is also no information on the location of their servers on their website.  This is probably because this type of provider has special constituency; they are certainly not interested in technical aspects of chosen usenet provider. That’s why, we can hardly say that this is something we can consider as their minus.

Technical Notes

Since there is not much information on NewsCat’s website, it’s no surprise that they also did not provide any technical information about their service either.

Quality of Service

We have not tested the service of NewsCat, and there is little information on the web about them, as well as their service.  We assume it’s just standard.

Customer Service

Most support e-mails are answered within an hour or so. They also provide the mailing address which is 230 Main Street, Suite 324, Flemington, NJ 08822.


At $14 / Month for a mediocre service, we don’t think this is worth it. If you want a very easy to use web based Usenet service check out Easynews instead. They have a better webinterface, more retention and they are cheaper too!

Do that or choose from our list of the Best Usenet Providers.


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