Newsgroup-Access Review

Last Updated: May 31, 2017

The Newsgroup-access USENET provider can also be found under the Newsgroup-binaries


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

No special deals/offers or discounted pricing are being advertised by Newsgroup Binaries on their website at present. Moreover the pricing is not competitive.

Free Trial

Newsgroup Binaries is currently not offering any free trial plans.

Plan / Price Offerings

They are offering 4 metered options and one unlimited option. The prices are as follows:

  • 5 GB/month, 8 streams: $2.50/mo.
  • 15 GB/month, 8 streams: $5/mo.
  • 30 GB/month, 8 streams: $10/mo.
  • 45 GB/month, 8 streams: $12/mo.
  • unlimited usage – no daily or monthly limits, 4 streams: $15

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We have not tested the speed of their service, but as per their website, their server benefits from utilizing redundant OC-12 connections to multiple Internet backbones. This ensures that usenet articles and files the user has requested are delivered as fast as the user’s Internet connection allows (no speed cap).

The server is available on address and this server supports between 4 and 8 simultaneous connections. There is no information about available ports, but we can be rather sure that standard port 119 is in use. The SSL encryption is not available.

Technical Notes

No other technical information mentioned on their website, except for those involving speed and their server locations.

Quality of Service

They say that their retention and completion rates are more than competitive. Few years ago, that would be true but today, we can’t say that 200 days of retention (both for single and multi-part binaries) is competitive today. Rather, it is only an average rate. The completion rate is over 99%.

Customer Service

They pride themselves with excellent customer service (according to them).  However, that service is only through email support.  Questions could be sent to  The customer support coverage is 24hrs/day 365 days/yr, which means you can email them anytime.


The website is out of date along with the retention and pricing. There are a lot better options, like those from our list of the Best Usenet Providers.


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