NGroups Review 2020

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2018

Ngroups has a good reputation and offers good service for the price. They don't make the top of our best Usenet provider list but nonetheless they are fairly good.


Ngroups Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

Ngroups currently has no special or discounted pricing.

Ngroups Free Trial

Ngroups has 3 Days-5GB free trial.

Ngroups Plan / Price Offerings

They have several options available; one metered, 2 unlimited, manual account and block account as well. Let’s check the specifications for each of these:

Unlimited Extra, 50 connections – $19.99/mo.

Unlimited Eco, 20 connections – $14.99 /mo.

Light: 5 GB/month, 20 connections – $5.99/mo.

Manual account: the subscriber can choose transfer limit per month and the maximum number of connections. It does not have auto-renewal, though.

Block account: the subscriber can choose transfer limit per month and gets 50 connections. The subscriber will also get non-expiring download quota, meaning, once he or she runs out of traffic, refilling with the desired amount is all that needs to be done.

Ngroups Connection Speeds / Server Locations

The connection speeds are just average according to some users, but we haven’t tested the speed ourselves to confirm if that’s true.

They have two server systems, located in US (Ashburn, VA), and central Europe (Amsterdam, NL). Each of them can be accessed by using standard connection (NNTP) or SSL (NNTPS). The addresses of these are as follows:


  • (US server farm, Ashburn, VA)
  • (EU server farm, Amsterdam, NL)

Ports are 119 or 443.


  • (US server farm, Ashburn, VA)
  • (EU server farm, Amsterdam, NL)

Ports are 563, 80 or 81.

They encourage the subscriber to use the closest server, but if this server is having some issues, the other server can be used as well. The subscribers of “Unlimited Extra” option may use up to 50 simultaneous connections, but other account types allow 20 simultaneous connections to their server systems. Finally, their redundant server systems that are connected to several redundant backbones, ensure nearly 100% uptime Technical Notes


They do not provide a web interface. In other words, newsreader software is required to access their services.


The monthly download limit is reset on 00:00 GMT, on the same day the subscriber has signed-up. The weekly download limit is reset at Mondays, 00:00 GMT.

Account sharing

Only one IP at a time is allowed, meaning, the accounts are for personal use only.


They don’t log what subscriber downloads.

Quality of Service

Binary retention is up to 600 days. Text retention is 1095 days and the completion rate is over 99.9%.  We haven’t tried the service to say if it’s great or not.

Customer Service

Customer support from Ngroups is through a web form.  Users can also check their FAQ page for answers to some of their questions.


Very decent service, excellent retention rates and competitive pricing. That definitely makes them worth considering if only there isn’t a list of the Best Usenet Providers, but since there is, you should check them out first since they can provide the best Usenet service out of all the other providers.


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