Premium News Review

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Not worth considering as retention rates are low and the pricing is high


Premium News is an outdated Usenet provider. No changes or updates have been made with their service for several years. Users will benefit from checking out other Usenet providers.

Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

Premium News currently has no special or discounted pricing.

Free Trial

Premium News does not have any free trial for users to test their service before subscribing.

Plan / Price Offerings

They offer unlimited and metered options. The option of unlimited traffic costs from 17.90 to 30.17 per month (semi-annual and annual subscriptions are available as well).

The difference between the two is that the later offers double transfer volume since the user get the access to all the available servers (instead of 3 servers available in the cheaper option). The metered option provides 60GB/mo. with pricing of 12.78 per month

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Premium News has average rate of connection speeds according to other reviews.

4 servers are available at the following addresses:


There is no information whether they offer SSL encryption but according the addresses of the servers and the available ports, it appears that they do not.

Technical Notes

Approximately 120000 Newsgroups, anonymous reader access, no user logs, fast and reliable since 1998, approximately 3800 Gigabyte news/day, and at least 90 Terabyte news online.

Quality of Service

We have not tested the service, but the retention for the binary groups is up to 14 days and four the next groups, 90 days that is. The completion rate is 98%.

Customer Service

Premium News has an email customer service support.


Not worth considering as retention rates are low and the pricing is expensive. Choose instead from our list of the Best Usenet Providers.


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