RhinoNewsgroups Review

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2021


RhinoNewsgroups provides Usenet access with unlimited speed, retention of 200 days, 99% completion rate and up to a maximum of 8 connections. Their plans and features are dated when comparing with other Usenet providers.


RhinoNewsgroups offers three packages that differ in download limits and the connections you can get. You get the same amount of speed, retention days and completion rate across all their plans.

Rhinonewsgroups Pricing
PlanPriceDownload LimitConnections
20GB Rhino  $9.99  20GB/mo  8  
Unlimited  $16.99  Unlimited  6  
Unlimited Rhino  $18.99  Unlimited  8  


RhinoNewsgroups offers 200 days of binary retention and 1000 days of text retention. Comparing it to most providers in the industry, this is low.

Free Trial

RhinoNewsgroups does not have a free trial offering.

Special Offers

This Usenet provider does not have any special offers.

Payment Options

RhinoNewsgroups only accepts payment via major credit cards.

Configuration Information

All newsreader clients need the following information for configuration:

  • Server name: news.rhinonewsgroups.com
  • Username and Password: as it appears on subscribers’ welcome email
  • Ports: 119, 23 and 80

Speed Test

Your primary limit would be the speed provided by your own internet service. Download speeds rely heavily on this. But upon testing, RhinoNewsgroups can max out the speed of broadband connections.

Rhinonewsgroups Speed Test


RhinoNewsgroups does not have SSL encryption included in their plans, which is a big downside with their service. Most providers these days include this security feature and some that offer VPN options.

Regarding their privacy policy, RhinoNewsgroups does not monitor or record what newsgroups their customers use or what articles they view or download. They never release or sell information about their customers. Any customer information will only be released by the order of a court with proper jurisdiction.

Customer Service

Their support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any problem that may come up. RhinoNewsgroups has a technical support and billing questions form available on their website. They also have a contact page for any other inquiries.

Additional Products

RhinoNewsgroups is not offering any additional products.


While RhinoNewsgroups can provide reliable and fast Usenet access and have been in the industry for quite some time now, their service is outdated. They are priced higher compared to other providers who offer more for the same price or even less. RhinoNewsgroups has a low number of retention days and could be more competitive by providing a higher retention rate and free security features like SSL encryption like most Usenet providers. But while this provider may have some flaws, their message completion is very good, and they offer unlimited speed with their service. Plans are simple enough to understand which might appeal to some consumers.


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