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Last Updated: Jan 22, 2017


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

There are no special deals or discounted pricing offered by The Newsgroups.

Free Trial

Currently, The Newsgroups has no free trial offering.

Plan / Price Offerings

There are two pricing options available, the Silver and Platinum Access. The Silver Access includes the access to more than 100,000 newsgroups, 4 dedicated servers featuring adult and binary servers and the monthly bandwidth is 60GB. This option has the pricing of $8.95.

The Platinum Access includes the access to all the servers from the Silver package, but the “platinum” server is added as well. The user gets 60GB of monthly bandwidth that comes from 4 dedicated servers, but the platinum server brings the additional 22GB of bandwidth. This option costs to$19.95 per month.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

As we have mentioned in the introduction, number of servers are available so let’s examine which servers these are and what kind of groups each of them carries:

  • as the name suggests, this server carries only the adult related newsgroups
  • this is their new uncensored server, being large and fast source for obtaining the thousands of pictures, images, music and other content
  • this server is exclusive server for binary groups only, offering easy access to all the binaries, providing fast downloads and longer retention times
  • this is their basic server, fully uncensored, there are no spam filters, no crosspost limits, no third party cancels, anonymous posting is supported and more than 110,000 newsgroups are available
  • finally, they guarantee that this server will „bury“ the user’s broadband connection as the user will consistently reach 1.5mbps speed with the average completion of 98%

Let’s also mention that 256-bit SSL encryption is included for free with all the accounts.

Technical Notes

No other technical details are listed on  The Newsgroups’ website.

Quality of Service

Unfortunately, there is no information about either of binary retention and completion rate on their website, although we can be rather sure that the completion rate is at least 98% as it is said next to the server description.

We have not tried the service to confirm that claim.

Customer Service

The Newsgroups provide customer support through email.


The pricing is not competitive as there are MUCH better deals out there -our recommendation is for you to choose among our Best Usenet Providers.


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