TitanNews Review

Last Updated: May 18, 2017

The pricing and retention are far from being competitive.


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

TitanNews does not have any special offers/deals, or any discounted pricing.

Free Trial

There is no free trial offered by TitanNews.

Plan / Price Offerings

There are number of options available and the listing follows:

  • Unlimited bandwidth: $24.95/mo.
  • 275 GB All-At-Once $99.00/one time
  • 150 GB All-At-Once $47.50/one time
  • 50GB/monthly: $24.95
  • 100GB/monthly: $39.95
  • 45GB/monthly: $19.95
  • 24GB/monthly: $14.95
  • 10GB/monthly: $9.95

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

They have one server farm at the news.titannews.com address.

There are no speed limits, 8 simultaneous connections are provided and they have monolithic 90TB download server. SSL encryption is not available.

Technical Notes

There are no other technical details found on TitanNews’ website.

Quality of Service

Current retention is 400 days, both for the binary and text groups. The completion rate is 99%.  However, we have not tested the service ourselves to determine if those information are true.

Customer Service

TitanNews provide customer support through email.


The pricing and retention are far from being competitive. We recommend that you check out our list of Best Usenet services and choose among them.


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