Uncensored Newsfeed Review 2019

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2017

Pricing and retention rates are bad.


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

There are no special deals or discounted pricing offered by Uncensored Newsfeed.

Free Trial

There is no free trial being offered by Uncensored Newsfeed

as of the moment.

Plan / Price Offerings

There are several pricing options available. These options depend mainly on whether the subscriber has chosen Power or Web server.

None of these options represents a good deal as far as we are concerned.

Another factor is monthly download limit. Anyways, since there are several pricing combinations let’s consider only those that the majority of subscribers will choose frequently:

Web servers:

  • 10 GB: $7.99/monthly
  • 25 GB: $10.99/monthly
  • 50 GB: $17.99/monthly
  • Unlimited: $18.99/monthly

Power servers:

  • 10 GB: $6.95/monthly
  • 25 GB: $9.95/monthly
  • 50 GB: $16.95/monthly
  • Unlimited: $17.99/monthly

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We haven’t tested the connection speeds of  Uncensored Newsfeed.

They have server farms located both in the USA and in Europe. Roughly speaking, they have 3 types of servers available; one type is providing 25 concurrent connections, the other 50 and finally, we have servers that use 256-bit SSL encryption. The addresses of the servers are as follows:

25 concurrent connections:

  • usa.uncensorednewsfeed.com which is located in USA
  • eur.uncensorednewsfeed.com which is located in Europe

50 concurrent connections:

  • usaweb.uncensorednewsfeed.com which is located in USA
  • eurweb.uncensorednewsfeed.com which is located  in  Europe

256-bit SSL-based servers:

  • usaextra.uncensorednewsfeed.com
  • eurextra.uncensorednewsfeed.com server, available on ports 563, 80, or 81.

Technical Notes

No other technical notes aside from the ones we mentioned about their speed and servers.

Quality of Service

If you click on the link where the information about current retention should appear, you only get the message that this information is not currently available. Regardless of this, they claim that retention equals nearly 2 years (400 days to some sources) and that it is growing daily since they continuously increase their storage capacity. The text retention appears to be over three years; 1000 days that is. The completion rate is over 99%.  But we have not tried the service to confirm if their claims are correct or not.

Customer Service

Uncensored Newsfeed has online customer support only.


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