UsenetDiscounter Review

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2021


UsenetDiscounter offers multiple plans with speeds going up to 1000 Mbit and up to 70 connections. You have the option to purchase their plans either as a flat-fee account or a nighttime use package. They also have a VPN package that you can add to your Usenet package or purchase as a solo service.


They have multiple flat-fee accounts that include SSL encryption, 24/7 support and a retention of 1200 days. These plans differ in speed and number of connections. The table below shows prices for 1 month of service. UsenetDiscounter plans can be availed on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. You can opt to automatically renew your plans if you want to.

Usenetdiscounter Pricing Flatfee
5 Flatfee  €2.50  5 Mbit  5  
20 Flatfee  €3.75  20 Mbit  10  
100 Flatfee  €6.75  100 Mbit  30  
250 Flatfee  €5.75  250 Mbit  40  
500 Flatfee  €14.75  500 Mbit  50  
1000 Flatfee  €7.75  1000 Mbit  70  

UsenetDiscounter also has night accounts that are available for use during 00:00 to 12:00 CET only but has the same inclusions with flat-fee plans.

Usenetdiscounter Pricing Nightfee
5 Nightfee  €1.75  5 Mbit  5  
20 Nightfee  €2.30  20 Mbit  10  
100 Nightfee  €2.75  100 Mbit  30  
250 Nightfee  €5.75  250 Mbit  40  
1000 Nightfee  €7.75  1000 Mbit  70  

UsenetDiscounter offers VPN access as a solo product but can also be purchased for a discounted rate if included with a Usenet access plan. And like the plans stated above, fees lower if you choose a higher time period.

PlanMonthly Fee
Pure VPN€10.50
VPN add-on on plan€7.00


This provider has a retention of 1200 days which may not be as plenty as top Usenet providers but is decent enough.

Free Trial

UsenetDiscounter has a 25GB free trial account with 150 Mbit of speed and 30 connections. The free trial service includes all the other features of a regular flat fee account.

Special Offers

They currently have special codes that will give you discounts with their 100Mbit and 250Mbit flat fee plans.

  • Code: UD100-for 100Mbit plan (1 year for $55.00 instead of $64.80)
  • Code: fee19–for 250Mbit plan (1-year subscription for $44.00 instead of $54.00)

Payment Options

UsenetDiscounter accepts iDeal, Credit Card, Paysafecard, Giropay, Mister Cash, Sofort banking and Bitcoins.

Configuration Information

Newsreader settings are to be configured to the following:

  • Server:
  • Authentication: authentication is required
  • Username: Usenetdiscounter username
  • Password: Usenetdiscounter password
  • Port: 119 or 80 (standard), 563 or 443 (SSL)

Speed Test

Usenetdiscounter Speed Test

UsenetDiscounter offers speeds up to 1000Mbit or 1Gbit according to their website. You should choose a plan that would suit best with the connection your ISP provides. UsenetDiscounter also has a large number of connections on their more expensive plans which could help in fast transfers if your computer will be able to handle it.


UsenetDiscounter authentication system supports encrypted SSL connections to protect your username and password credentials. Use it with port 443 or 563. They also have a VPN add-on that encrypts your entire internet to protect your data on your system or device.

UsenetDiscounter does not log any access and does not release any member information for any reason unless information is requested by a court order.

Customer Service

Their support department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even during holidays. You can contact them through

Markerkant 13 18
1314 AN Almere
Phone: +31367130088

Additional Products

As mentioned, UsenetDiscounter offers a VPN service. Their VPN allows users to use a single account on up to 3 devices simultaneously.


The good thing about UsenetDiscounter is their multiple Usenet access plans that not only provide different levels of speed and number of connections but can also be purchased for less by users who tend to burn the midnight oil. Their VPN add-on is another great service feature to add an extra layer of security for consumers.


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