MPA Blocks NZBsRus and other sites

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2011

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Over the last few months…years, the Motion Picture Association has been in a long standing battle against the users and poster on the Usenet servers to stop copyright infringement. Now, don’t get us wrong, we do not advocate this kind of behavior, (copyright infringement,) but the order by the UK Magistrate set legal precedence, and now the MPA is taking their court order and running with it.

The Judge Hadn’t Even Finished…

Before the Magistrate that made this unprecedented decision made it home to dinner that night, the MPA was already making plans for the next assault…NZBsRus. In he meantime though, the guys over at Team-R-Dogs were proceeding to write the code that would skirt the Cleanfeed filters…by the way, nice work guys. The MPA enlisted the help of their legal teams at the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and promptly issued a Cease and Decist order. First they sent notice to the website host, and when that didn’t work, they sent one to the owner of NZBsRus.

Compliance Is The Easier Route, But…

According to the site owner, he doesn’t want a long drawn out legal fight…to messy, and expensive. And since he is in the UK, the law prevails in this case. We easily located the owner with the limited tools at our disposal, we are sure they already know where he is also. And when Big Brother knows where you are at, there’s trouble if you don’t play by his rules. So, the site has been down for a bit. It is claimed that it won’t last long, the owner says the site will go back up minus the downloads, so the community can “touch base.”

Now Who’s Next

It can probably be surmised fairly safely that the MPA isn’t finished with their waving of the judges order. The signature of a judge is a very powerful tool. And, despite all the protests of human rights foul, and that they aren’t breaking the law themselves, the order does carry a lot of sway. Presently though, this order is only enforceable for the UK based sites, but another safe supposition is that this won’t last long either. The UK Magistrate provided FACT and the MPA with a legal precedence…almost as much power globally as the judges signature. And there will surely be more of those on censorship documents around the world. You can learn more about Usenet on Usenet reviews, or if you would like to learn more about NZBsRus you can read about them here.


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