Eweka Review 2019

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Eweka Internet Services was founded in 2001 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Eweka Internet Services is a quality driven internet provider, specialized in offering a high-grade Usenet service for consumer users from our own datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Deals / Coupons / Special Offers

Sign up via our link and be sure to take advantage of the 90 day speed upgrade. That is, if you top-up your account so that you have 90 days or more you can bump up your speed from 50 Mbs to 100 Mbs

Free Trial Offer Details

No Free Trial is available but Eweka does have a day plan for 1 euro to test out their service. All pricing is prepaid so your credit card will never be rebilled.

Plan Pricing Details

Eweka has a few different plans

Block Plan Details

Block plans are not available with Eweka . Only monthly rate limited plans.

Connection Speeds And Server Location Details

Eweka has servers only in the Netherlands. The speed is only limited by your own ISP and the connection between your ISP and their servers. If you live in the Netherlands and use their service you speeds will be very fast.

Speed Test Details

As mentioned above the close you are to Eweka’s server farm the better your connection speeds will be.

Technical Details:

Established in 2000 (one of the oldest Dutch Usenet providers), with 3278 days of binary retention, Eweka is a premium Usenet provider

Customer Service Information:

Customer support is available via email or phone. We sent an email in English and got a response within a hour.

Quality And Message Completion:

99%+ message availability appears to be the baseline – dutch USENET do not have DMCA takedowns like US providers.

Security/Privacy Information

Ewekas special discount plan includes 256bit SSL encryption.

It is worth mentioning the Eweka is under Netherlands jurisdiction and subject to Dutch law. So while there isn’t DMCA they do have something similar called NTD Gedragscode.

Here is some text taken directly from their website

  • Eweka respects the privacy of our customers and we will never sell or release any customer information.
  • Customer information will only be released if presented with a court order from an entity with Dutch jurisdiction.

Usenet Provider Service Conclusion:

We are recommending Eweka for their quality service and high speed. Test them out and if you like them definitely take advantage of their 90 day free high speed increase.


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