Best USENET Providers of 2019

# Name Price Rating Retention Details Visit
1 Newshosting logo $8.33/Mo 5 Stars
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3551 Days
  • Best Price
  • Free Newsreader
  • Free VPN Access
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2 Eweka logo € 7,50/Mo 4 Stars
Read Review
3278 Days
  • Best EU Provider
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Fast Speeds
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3 Tweaknews logo € 7,50/Mo 3.5 Stars
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2500 Days
  • Free Newsreader
  • Free VPN
  • High Speeds
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4 Easynews logo $9.98/Mo 3.5 Stars
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3293 Days
  • Web App
  • File Previews
  • 99% Completion
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5 PureUSENET logo € 6.63/Mo 3 Stars
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2000 Days
  • Good EU Provider
  • Free SSL
  • iDeal Accepted
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The Best USENET Providers of 2019 provides comprehensive and objective reviews of every USENET provider out there. For you, that means that you have a trustworthy source of information to turn to before you decide where to spend your money. While we count plenty of experienced USENET aficionados among our readership, we know that USENET is pretty new to some of our readers and, to better serve those readers, we thought it would be useful to break down our main review criteria, and explain why those criteria matter to you as a USENET subscriber.

Check below our listings of the best USENET providers of 2019 to learn about the criteria we use to rate USENET companies. If you just want to know who the best of the best is, listings start below!


Newshosting Highlights

  • Best Price
  • Free Newsreader
  • Free VPN Access
  • Best Free Trial
  • No Bitcoin Payments
Newshosting is currently our top provider for several reasons. Newshosting offers a free newsreader with their service, which gets you up and running in short order. They also offer a free VPN service, and this package effectively reduces the price of both USENET access and VPN security. VPNs, if you haven’t heard of them before, encrypt all of the connections from your computer, giving you a huge security advantage. Newshosting’s prices are excellent: $8.33 per month for this great package of services.


Eweka Highlights

  • Best EU Provider
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Fast Speeds
  • Ideal and EU Payments
  • EU Servers only
Eweka is headquartered in the Netherlands, making it an ideal choice for our EU readers. It’s not just location that makes Eweka a great service, however. They offer excellent retention figures and very fast download speeds. All this only costs €7,50 per month, making Eweka a great deal all around.


Tweaknews Highlights

  • Free Newsreader
  • Free VPN
  • High Speeds
  • Ideal and EU Payment Types
  • European Servers Only
Tweaknews enters our top five list with some great features, including a free newsreader and a free VPN service. They’re also priced right: €7,50 per month gets you all the downloads you want and, with 2,500 days of retention time, you’re not likely to run out of content to download. This company is headquartered in the Netherlands like Eweka, so they’re a great option for our EU visitors.


Easynews Highlights

  • Web App
  • File Previews
  • 99% Completion
  • Discounts with Yearly Signup
  • Web App UI
Long a favorite of enthusiastic USENET customers, Easynews offers a great package for a low price. For $9.99 per month, you’ll get access to their web app, which offers one of the easiest interfaces for browsing USENET, particularly for beginners. Don’t fret if you’re particularly attached to your newsreader; you can use NNTP access, as well. Easy news has great retention, which also gives them a boost in our estimation. Check it out for yourself; they offer a free trial, on top of all their other benefits.


UsenetServer Highlights

  • NZB Search
  • Fast Speeds
  • VPN Access
  • Excellent Free Trial
  • VPN with yearly signup only
UsenetServer, also known as UNS, is a fine company that offers a customized NZB search, a free VPN, and excellent speed, all for $7.95 per month. Add to that their retention times, over 3,500 days, and you can see why this company made our list! Like all of our top pics, UsenetServer is a well-established company with a great reputation.

What We Consider in Our USENET Reviews

USENET has its own terminology, but stick with us and you’ll find that it’s really very easy to understand and, more over, you’ll understand what makes our review criteria so important to making the right choice for your USENET subscription.

In addition to the criteria listed below, we also take the time to compare services based upon the value they offer for the dollar. Our best providers go above and beyond in this regard; all of them offer something to make their service more valuable to their subscribers.

We consider customer support, as well. We’re always glad to get new people interested in USENET, so we want to make sure that, in addition to the experienced hands that rely upon our reviews, those readers who are newer to USENET can get help setting up the service if they need it. USENET isn’t difficult to use at all, but it’s always good when providers offer top-notch customer support, and we definitely factor that into our reviews!

  • Retention: Retention describes how long a USENET provider keeps uploaded files available on their servers. Many providers have different retention times for text and binary files; we feature the figure for binaries in our reviews. “Binaries” is USENET terminology for any file that’s something other than text: video, audio, etc. Where retention is considered, the longer the better, and our top providers all keep their content available for download for years.

  • Number of Connections: USENET providers heavily advertise the number of connections they make available, but keep in mind that this is a case where more is not necessarily better. There will be a maximum number that’s best for you–generally more than eight is fine–based on your Internet connection speed, your ISP’s policies, and the power of the computer you’re using to download content.

  • Security: We always give security great emphasis at Most providers offer 128-bit encryption, which is good, but more and more providers are offering 256-bit encryption, which we prefer. We never recommend unencrypted connections.

  • Servers: Where servers are concerned, the number of servers available and how close they are to you geographically speaking are both vital criteria for assessing the quality of a USENET provider. You’ll find most companies have servers in the US, Canada, and the EU. An increasing number of providers are offering servers in other nations, as well. The closer you are to a server, the faster the connection will be.

  • Cost: This is what most of our readers are worried about, and we have good news on this front: fierce competition among USENET providers has driven costs down over the years. This means that USENET is less expensive, and better, than ever!

  • Inclusions: Most USENET providers have extra features that come with their service, and we make sure to include these in our reviews. Some examples of the features that USENET providers offer include online storage, specialized searches, web access to files, and USENET browsers.

All Usenet Providers

Provider Price Ret
Free Trial Info Conn
$8.33/Mo 3551 14 Days / 30 GBs 60 Credit Cards and Paypal
€ 7,50/Mo 3278 7 Days 8 Credit, iDeal and more
€ 7,50/Mo 2500 10 Days / 10 GBs 40 Credit, iDeal, SMS, etc.
$9.98/Mo 3293 14 day or 10 GB 60 Credit Cards and Paypal
€ 6.63/Mo 2000 7 Days 12 Credit, iDeal, Bitcoin, etc
$7.95/Mo 3293 14 Days or 10 GB 20 Credit Cards and Paypal
€ 7.39/Mo 900 7 Days 12 Credit, iDeal, Bitcoin, etc
$8.00/Mo 3000 24 Hours 20 Credit Cards, Paypal and Bitcoin
$9.99/Mo 3293 7 Days or 15 GB 50 Credit Cards, Paypal and Bitcoin
$8.99/Mo 2993 None 50 Credit Cards and World Pay
€ 8.95/Mo 1500 3 Days 8 Multiple Payment Options
$9.99/Mo 2156 7 Days or 15 GB 40 Credit Cards and Paypal
$9.95/Mo 3000 14 Days or 15 GB 50 Credit Cards and Bitcoin
€ 8,20/Mo 1100 14 Days 30 Credit Cards only
€ 9,75/Mo 1200 10 Days or 20 GB 48 Multiple Payment Options
$14.95/Mo 1000 None 20 Credit Cards and Bitcoin
$9.99/Mo 300 2 Days or 20 GB 32 Credit Cards only
$12.95/Mo 2500 3 Days or 5 GB 60 Credit Cards only
$12.95/Mo 3300 None 50 Credit Cards, Paypal, Ideal, etc
$6.00/Mo 400 None 20 Credit Cards only
$9.16/Mo 2000 None 30 Credit Cards and Bitcoin
$12.95/Mo 1600 None 30 Credit Cards or Money Order
$11.79/Mo 3000 None 50 Multiple Payment Options
$4.99/Mo 300 None 20 Credit Cards only
$9.99/Mo 2357 3 days, 10 GB 30 Credit Cards only
$14.99/Mo 2357 5 Days or 10 GB 30 Credit Cards, Paypal and Bitcoin
$29.99/Mo 2367 14 Days or 10 GB 50 Credit Cards only
$14.95/Mo 2357 5 Days or 10 GB 30 Credit Cards only
€ 19.99/Mo 2000 14 Days 10GB 30 Credit Cards or Paypal
€ 19.99/Mo 2000 30 Days or 600 GB 16 Credit Cards or Paypal
$9.99/Mo 2000 None 12 Credit Cards only
$19.95/Mo 2000 None 2 Credit card, checking account
$14.75/mo 1500 14 Days 30 Credit Cards Only
$15/Mo 2000 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$13/Mo 1000 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$20/Mo 300 None 2 Credit Cards Only
$9/Mo 900 7 Days 8 Credit Cards Only
$29/Mo 200 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$13/Mo 900 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$25/Mo 1500 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$10/Mo 1000 None 8 Credit Cards and Paypal
$13/Mo 1000 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$8/Mo 40 None 10 Credit Cards Only
$13/Mo 1000 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$20/Mo 1200 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$24.95//Mo 370 None 6 Credit Cards Only
donation 90 None 2 Paypal Only
$10/Mo 1 2 weeks 4 ClickandBuy and PayPal
$9.99/Mo 1500 None 50 Major Credit Cards, PayPal, WorldPay
$13/Mo 360 None 8 Credit Cards Only
$19.95/mo. 1000 None 2 Credit Cards Only
$12.99/Mo 1000 None 8 Credit Cards Only