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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2012

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Last month we saw 2 Usenet search icons, Mysterbin, and then Newzbin2, finally close their site forever, and a few days ago it was announced on the NZBMatrix website that they were following suit. According to their letter they suffered failing finances, and innumerable DMCA takedown notices that just couldn’t be handled by what little staff they had left.

How To Get Your NZBs Now

While the entertainment industry will be crowing over their latest victories, they may not realize how little damage that they actually cause to the Usenet community. In fact, they do more damage in the area of taking away personal incomes than they have actually impacted any real piracy issues on Usenet. But there are more than a couple of ways to get the NZB files you need, Here’s a couple:

  • Newshosting Newsreader: Many of the staff here at UsenetReviewz use the Newshosting newsreader. It’s as simple as doing a search, highlight the desired download, then right-click and pick the “create NZB file” option. It only takes a couple of seconds for the NZB to be made, then direct the file to be downloaded to your favorite place..
  • Top Ranked NZB Sites : Check out our list of top ranked NZB Sites. We do our level best at keeping this list up-to-date.
  • Private Newznab Sites: There are a few of these out there, and many are by invitation only. and are great high quality sites, but if you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll make sure you get notified and invited of membership availabilities.
  • Public Newznab Sites: There are fewer of these, and they come and go, but one comes to mind,, as an excellent public site.
  • Hybrid NZB Indexing Sites: We have found a few of these, is a really good one. They have SSL, and an RSS feed to update you on the run…

Down…But Not Out Of The Game

One has to wonder why the entertainment industry has gone after the satellite freebie services of the Usenet community. While this kind of takedown is effective at removing services from being easily accessible, there are too many ways to get around the inconvenience, and that’s what it is, a minor inconvenience. The ones that they hurt the most with these actions are the operators, who are just trying to feed their families…like the rest of us.


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