SOPA And PIPA Lose Major Support

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2012

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The latest on the internet censorship bills, SOPA and PIPA, has been saying that the two measures are fast losing steam due to their vague interpretations, and strict measures to protect the public from copyright infringement. But, the truth of the matter is that in spite of the lost support, Rep. Lamar Smith has said that he is pushing full steam ahead, and there are those in both the Senate and House that are following his lead.

Coming Up For A Vote Soon

On the 24th of January SOPA will stand the test of the vote, and as of now it’s still a little hazy as to which direction this vote will go. On one side there are the MPA and RIAA, with all their money. On the other side there are a lot of internet companies and experts that withdrew their support and joined the fight against the measures a little late in the game. And while this is a very good thing, nothing is guaranteed in Congress. Unless you count the “He who has the most money wins.” And with that consideration, the outlook becomes even more hazy.

Bill Drafters Busted Pirating

We have shown you here that there are all kinds of illegal torrenting activities coming directly out of the Congressional halls, but here is a brand new issue. One of the major contributors to the drafting of these bills has been busted doing exactly what the bill proposes to prevent. He apparently used artwork without the permission of the author, or even crediting him for the work, on his website. We have sent Rep. Lamar Smith an email inquiring into this infringement, and have yet to receive a response, but the photographer, DJ Schulte isn’t very happy about being robbed of his rights…and may use Mr. Lamar’s own law to hit him in between the eyes after the law passes…if it passes.

He Who Has The Most, Huh

With the vote looming ever nearer the MPA and RIAA lobbyists keep upping the ante. Money has been pouring into the coffers of the lobbyists coffers to increase the pressure on our lawmakers. But, in spite of this the public still has a chance of winning this battle. In spite of the dollars, the politicians in Congress know that in order to gain the votes they need for reelection, a law this sweeping, (and damaging,) cannot be passed against the will of the American public. It’s time to motivate, and let these money-mongers know that their reelection could be endangered by the passage of this law.

What To Do

To help us block this potentially destructive law only takes a few moments of your time. But, you need to be in the U.S. and a citizen. If you love the internet the way that we do here at Usenetreviews, go to the website and send your legislators a letter saying simply “Stop these insane bills, SOPA and PIPA!” They have the forms there, and will insure that the letters are delivered to the appropriate lawmakers for your area. It’s that simple, but we need a LOT of people to do this…we are fighting against the greed of politicians. Once you have done that, let all your friends know about it, and let us know with a Tweet at @usenetrevirwz.


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