Newsleecher Review 2020

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018

One of our few premium newsreader clients, but it has a lot of valuable features, and a nice interface.


Newsleecher is a rock solid newsreader with the primary focus on downloading binary files, although it does have the capacity to handle articles from Usenet, too. The client is considered by most experienced Users to be a combination reader/downloader, for both binary and text files.

In essence this newsreader will fetch, download, unpack, assemble, and help you manage your files. The client has both the avid downloader and the casual user in mind. The interface is clean and easy to navigate through, options and features are easily at your finger tips instantly.

Main Features And Highlights Of Newsleecher

  • NZB’s supported. You can export them or use in the SuperSearch feature.
  • Header and sample headers supported.
  • RAR and PAR support with auto extraction and repair integrated.
  • SuperSearch will search binaries up to 1,050 days of retention.
  • SSL encryption
  • Multi-thread up to 99 connections simultaneously.
  • Download speeds controllable.
  • Scheduling supported.
  • Virtual newsgroups supported.
  • Support through the forum, FAQ, and an online support ticket.

The price of the newsreader is a recurring charge of $20 annually, and this will include the integrated SuperSearch. The Supersearch function will give you 10 free searches per month to check it out, but if you would like this to be less limited the the newsreader will cost you an additional $10.

Sadly, you will only be able to purchase their package by the year, but they do offer a 10 free trial. The same applies for the newsreader plus the SuperSearch. To get the SuperSearch monthly though, you can purchase it by the month for $2.99.

Newsleecher Summary

While most people wouldn’t mind a recurring annual charge, many do. And there are many full featured newsreaders for a one time purchase cost, like Newsbin, another one of our personal favorites. If you aren’t one to dicker about the annual fees, then you should check this one out. It is a fairly powerful newsreader.


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