Big-bit Review

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2021

Big-Bit is a free NZB site that has NZBs linked into its forum and a platform that Usenet users can easily register at.


With over 30,000 visitors per month, is another place to look for your NZBs. Big-bit has different ranks on its platform- Normal user, Top User, Donor, Important User, Uploader, Moderator, Administrator, Manager, The Abuser, and they also accept a Custom title that is given by the system administrator to its special members. You can also see who is the top ten of its titles, and their font colors are the label of its classification.

You can see who and how many are present on the website and even track how many moderators and developers are there to help you with your concern. Big-bit has active and disciplined members mainly because the site is full of instructions and rules to be strictly followed by its members.

The moderator of the website is Firefox and Vendetta, and they will assign you one once you register.


You can see the latest 20 NZBs uploaded on its front page, making you updated to the top uploads by its users. Every post is detailed with description, and like any other NZB sites, you need to say thank you to the uploader before you can see the download link. You can also request a file and see the other requested files in its forum.

There is a request form for any uploader for developers and website owners to know if the uploader or its users have experienced or have been posting on the other website before posting on their platform.

The site also has a ‘Shout’ feature that is mainly for a chat. They require the profile pictures of its users to be an avatar, and they have an-onsite avatar generator.

The platform is available in English and Dutch language.

Pricing and Payment Methods

It is a free NZB downloader site and there is no plan available at the moment. However, Big-bit is accepting donations, and you will have a different classification on other users once you donated. You can also gain credit points and ratios to upload files on the platform.


Big-bit does not mention the retention of its binary on the website.


Big-bit has a user-friendly interface, and we like its easy access to the information. We can easily find the categories in the uppermost of the website when you click the Series of NZBs.

However, most of the links cannot be opened with the other tab, so you will have to go back each time you click a link. Some links are also dead links, or the information posted is not available at the moment.

Technical Details

The average response rate of Big-bit is 4991.46 milliseconds with an average of 99% uptime result.

They discussed no other technical details on the website.

Summary is an open and free NZB downloader that continuously gaining ten of thousands of visitors per month. The website and interface suggest that it has an active and disciplined community, but while its users enjoy uploading and downloading from this site, the support of its moderators, direct contact with its developers, and the dead links from the website should be revisited.


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