NZBGrabit Review

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021

NZB Grabit calls its website a friendly community, and it is a .nzb and .zip downloader site available for any type of supporter.


NZB Grabit is known for its security and friendly practices. Before you search and download NZBs, you are obliged to first introduce yourself to the community. This enables them to avoid leechers and be familiar with each other.

There are no APIs in this website, and the retention is up to 3000 days.


True to its vision, NZB Grabit appears to have welcoming and active members, it has an updated calendar with each and everyone’s birthday, event reminders, and your friends’ contacts. This community gives you the opportunity to give a gift to other users to help them update their account. It has a built-in photo editor, and you can play arcade with its online members.

You can download movies, games, software in your PCs, application for your smartphones, ebooks, and VIP access to files for the upgraded supporters. It can be easily found in the topmost corner of the website.

Pricing and Payment Methods

The NZB Grabit has three account options- you can be a supporter, super supporter, and lifetime supporter. However, there is only one payment option for a lifetime supporter.

RETENTION  2000 days  3000 days  3000 days  
NZBs PER DAY  100 nzbs  200 nzbs  200 nzbs  
PRICE PER WEEK  £5.00  £6.00  N/A  
PRICE PER ONE MONTH  £6.50  £8.00  N/A  
PRICE PER THREE MONTHS  £9.00  £10.50  N/A  
PRICE PER SIX MONTHS  £11.50  £13.00  N/A  
PRICE PER ONE YEAR  £14.00  £15.50  N/A  
PRICE FOR THREE YEARS  £17.00  £19.00  N/A  
PRICE FOR 25 YEARS  N/A  N/A  £60.00  

All these plans are entitled to any NZB and ZIP download, unlimited invites, VIP access to the forum, and multiple NZB queue systems. The payment method to any of its plans is through Credit cards.

You can also donate to them to help build and sustain the website, but this does not mean that it will upgrade your account. Your donations can also be refunded within 24 hours of use provided that you give the full details of your transaction and by contacting them at their help desk, or by submitting a ticket to their information section.


Retention depends on the package you avail, and it ranges from 2000-3000 days.


NZB Grabit provides small and colorful fonts on its website, making it sometimes hard to search the word or phrase you are looking for. Also, all the profile pictures are required to be an avatar resulting from overall different designs and colors on its front page.

NZB Grabit is a quality forum based NZB site. It is powered by vBulletin in which very uploads and downloads are through its distinct forums.

Technical Details

NZB Grabit has no API. They made it clear upon registration. It has no integration with NZBGet, and everything is posted by its members. The uptime average of the website is 99%, with 748 milliseconds average response time. It has an unlimited invite for paid users,


NZB Grabit gives us the impression that the website is dead based on the little information available on its front page. But upon registration, you will be surprised at how active their members are.

NZB Grabit is a community site and not an auto-indexer. All the files uploaded on the website are provided by its members. With its 8 years of existence, NZB Grabit established a rule and a community of disciplined members. With its friendly community and well-instructed tutorials, you will get the things you wish for in no time.


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