Anonymous Newsfeeds Review 2019

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017

Actually known as, their webpage is out of date and their service offerings are not competitive.  While they are a legitmate business they aren't competitive in their offerings and it easier to pay the same amount of money or less to a name brand.


Anonymous Newsfeeds Deal / Special Offer / Discounted pricing

Anonymous Newsfeeds does not have any special offers or discounted pricing.

Anonymous Newsfeeds Free Trial

Their is no free trial with Anonymous Newsfeeds.

Anonymous Newsfeeds Plan / Price Offerings

Anonymous Newsfeeds has a wide array of pricing options, depending on chosen servers and download limits. There are Power and Web servers and the pricing starts at $9.95 for the 30 days of 25 GB Power server. The cheapest 90 days is 25 GB Power server with the pricing of $26.95. On the other hand, the most expensive is Power Unlimited EXTRA with unlimited traffic that costs $34.95 for 30 and $89.95 for 90 days respectively.

None of these are good deals however.

Anonymous Newsfeeds Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Connection speeds are unlimited and servers are  located in the USA and Europe.

Anonymous Newsfeeds Technical Notes

Anonymous Newsfeeds Network Details:

  • 9 Gigabits per second of direct egress.
  • Self-healing SONET network via Fujitsu 2400 (OC-48)
  • Circuits engineered to diverse central offices to the main interconnect .
  • Provisioned OC12c into a multi-gigabit backbone.
  • Dual Juniper M40’s routers.
  • Dual Foundry BigIron switches

Sounds impressive but they are in fact a reseller. This is not a bad thing but they have just copied some marketing.

Anonymous Newsfeeds Quality of Service

We have not tested Anonymous Newsfeeds’ service.  However, they assert that they have good retention times, claiming that it equals nearly 2 years and that it is growing daily since they continuously increase the storage capacity. The completion is over 99%.

Anonymous Newsfeeds Customer Service

To avoid customers’ emails being deleted by a spam filter, Anonymous Newsfeeds support and customer service is now done via a Usenet Support Center webpage.

Anonymous Newsfeeds Conclusion

Their service offering seems rather generic and their overall pricing is not competitive.  We recommend choosing from one of the name brands instead as listed on our  Best Usenet Providers collection.


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