Bintube Review 2019

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2018

Bintube's main selling point is that their newsreader can immediately stream the files that you download from Usenet.


Bintube Discounted pricing

Bintube already comes with a pretty good pricing when you signup for the monthly plan ( 11/month).   Its $60 otherwise  for the newsreader – which is a bit over the top considering Newsbin ( another Top Newsreader is $15 for a one time lifetime signup )

Bintube Free Trial

Bintube does not have a free trial for their Usenet service. They do have a free trial for their Usenet newsreader however.

Bintube Plan / Price Offerings

Bintube only plan offering is their $11 / month unlimited Usenet plan. Not a bad price but their are better deals namely – Astraweb ($8 month for yearly), UsenetServer ($7.95 month for yearly) and Easynews ( $9.99 / month)

Bintube Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Bintube speeds are limited only by your Internet connection and your ISPs connection. They have servers in the USA and Europe

The addresses of these servers are as follows:

  • (European nntp servers)
  • (U.S. nntp servers)

These servers offer up to 20 connections, SSL encryption is available for all accounts and these servers carry more than 85.000 newsgroups.

Bintube Technical Notes

Bintube’s main selling point is that their newsreader can immediately stream the files that you download from Usenet.   If you don’t want to wait a few minutes to download files then you may like Bintube’s reader.

However at $60 for their newsreader its too expensive in our opinion.

Bintube Quality of Service

Bintube offers a quality service from what we can tell.  They have a pretty good reputation and while not a top tier provider they have decent service.

Bintube Customer Service

Bintube has an online helpdesk so responses shouldn’t take too long.

Bintube Conclusion

We like their newsreader and as mentioned they aren’t our top choice but nonetheless they aren’t a bad choice.   So check them out or check out a provider from our best usenet service list.


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