Bubba News Review

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2017

A complete joke - Bubbanews is an extinct USENET Provider


Bubba News Deal / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

Bubba News offers a free account, where you are  obliged to pay a $3.95 as setup fee.

Bubba News Free Trial

Bubba News does not offer a completely free trial at this time.

Bubba News Plan / Price Offerings

Besides the free account (where you are only obliged to pay the $3.95 setup fee), there are six packages available: the 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25GB packages (traffic per month) cost $4.95, $6.95, $9.95, $12.95, $15.95 and $19.90 per month respectively.

Bubba News Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Connection speeds for Bubba News are plan based.  Their server is available on news.bubbanews.com, more specifically; there is only one server farm available and it is located in the United States.

Bubba News Technical Notes

There is a lack of technical information on the website of Bubba News, which is far from funny, unlike the jokes they have on it.

Bubba News Quality of Service

We have not tested the service of Bubba News, and we cannot find information like completion rate, to base an assumption whether their service is low, standard, or excellent.

Bubba News Customer Service

Bubba News’ website shows an email address that I assume will be their customer support contact.

Bubba News Conclusion

Finally, the pricing is not something extraordinary.  Check out top providers at our Best Usenet Providers page.


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