iLoad Usenet Review

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2020

iLoad Usenet offers the biggest integrated search engine in Usenet while giving 5,544 days of retention.


iLoad Usenet offers 5,544 days of retention, making your uploaded file available for the next 15 years. In addition, iLoad has a total of 5,500GB of content available every day. Secured and encrypted SSL browsing with the highest completion of up to 99% and its largest integrated search engine are just some of the key features of iLoad Usenet.

In addition, the service provider offers 7,657 binary newsgroups and a total of 35,630 terabytes of data.

Pricing (with table)

Iloadusenet Pricing

Per the website, the pricing for each plan is considered and examined carefully. You can choose a plan good for longer use or a shorter plan with heavy downloading capacity.

Volume Subscription

€4.99 per month
12-240GB each month  
Unlimited speed  
Software, SSL, and index included  

Flatrate Subscription

€4.99 per month
Unlimited downloads  
Unlimited plan available as well  
Software, SSL, and index included  


Unlimited speed
Software, SSL, and index included

For a customized and more option of choices, they provide a list of plans that you can choose from.

For volume plan

Iloadusenet Pricing Volume
PlanPriceDownload per monthDiscounted priceFreebie for lock terms
iLoad S€6.9512GB€4.95/mo for lock 12 mos.N/A
iLoad M€9.9536GB€7.95/mo for lock 12 mos.Free 1 MBit flatat 12 months
iLoad L€11.9560GB€9.95/mo for lock 12 mos.Free 1 MBit flatat 12 + 6 months
iLoad XL€21.95120GB€19.95/mo for lock 12 mos.Free 1 MBit flatat 12 + 6 + 3 months
iLoad XXL€31.95240GB€29.95/mo for lock 6 mos.Free 1 MBit flatat 6 + 3 months

All plans include unlimited bandwidth, 5,544 days retention, SSL encryption, free newsreader, Usenet index search, and access to 24/7 online support.

For flatrate plan

Iloadusenet Pricing Flatrate
PlanPriceBandwidth per monthDiscounted price per month
iLoad flat basic€7.951 Mbit€4.95 for 12 mos.
iLoad flat S€9.952 Mbit€6.95 for 12 mos.
iLoad flat M€12.956 Mbit€9.95 for 12 mos.
iLoad flat L€15.9510 Mbit€12.95 for 12 mos.
iLoad flat XL€22.9516 Mbit€19.95 for 12 mos.
iLoad flat XXL€32.9525 Mbit€30.95 for 6 mos.
Unlimited subscription€39.95Unlimited€34.95 for 6 mos.

All plans include unlimited downloads and all the features mentioned in the volume plan except the unlimited bandwidth.

For prepaid plan

Iloadusenet Pricing Prepaid
iLoad 10GBiLoad 25GBiLoad 50GBiLoad 100GBiLoad 200GBiLoad 500GBiLoad 1000GB
€4.99 valid for 3 mos.€9.99 valid or 3 mos.€19.99 valid for 6 mos.€34.99 valid for 6 mos.€69.99 valid for 12 mos.€159.99 valid for 12 mos.€299.99 valid for 24 mos.

Please note all the packages can be upgraded to any higher plan anytime. You can also buy additional traffic, and if you have any hesitation to which plan to choose, they welcome queries through their support form.


iLoad Usenet provides one of the longest retentions for Usenet users. A total of 3000 as of September 14, 2020, is one of the new perks for its clients.

Free Trial

Enjoy your 14-day free trial with 36GB high speed at iLoad Usenet.

Special Offers

None at the moment.

Payment Options

You can pay thru Paypal, Klarna banking, Credit Cards, and Single Euro Payments Area.

Configuration Information

Configure through with the following ports:

  • Standard- 119, 23, 443, 8080
  • SSL- 9000, and SSL 563, 80, and 81.

Speed Test

Iloadusenet Speed Test

While the website did not mention the full speed capacity of iLoad Usenet, its servers to both Europe and America help to deliver high-speed service to its users. Ranges of speed are also available for you to choose in their customized plans.


All the transactions and plans offered by iLoad Usenet are secured with SSL technology. They claim that their own newsreader also helps to easy access and secure its use to Usenet.

iLoad Usenet also complies with the precautions imposed by the California Online Privacy Protection Act and promises not to give your personal information to third parties without your consent.

Customer Service

Connect with their team through their support forms available on their website or through personal with the following address:

Paloma Networks, Inc.
P. O. Box 134
Reef Village
Ambergis Caye
Belize, Central America

And for Europe:

Makani GmbH
Kasernenstrasse 39a
9100 Herisau

The average waiting time for support forms is just 8 hrs from the time you send your query.

Additional Products

iLoad Usenet has its own newsreader.


With its 12 years of experience in service, the iLoad Usenet lets you choose the most flexible plan you need base on your interest and budget. They offer one of the longest retentions and the biggest integrated search engine. All plans come with a free newsreader, SSL encryption, and 24/7 support for anyone who has concerns. While you can get big discounts if you purchase the 6-12 month lock service, new customers or anyone curious about how it works would still prefer to try the per month service in which their price is not that friendly.


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