Newsburg Review

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2017

As Newsburg is now closed for business and there website is permanentl down


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

They had a special offer, which was =30% off the first month bill for new users, or 10% off for quarterly bills.

Free Trial

Newsburg does not have a free trial at this time as they were closed when we wrote this review.

Plan / Price Offerings

There were 3 pricing possibilities: daily plans, monthly accounts and quarterly blocks. Let’s take a closer look at each of these possibilities.

Daily plans:

  • 500 MB/day: $5.95
  • 1000 MB/day: $8.95
  • 2000 MB/day: $11.95

Monthly download packages:

  • 5 GB/mo.: $4.95/mo.
  • 10 GB/mo.: $5.95/mo.
  • 25 GB/mo.: $9.95/mo.
  • 50 GB/mo.: $16.95/mo.

Quarterly blocks:

  • 30 GB/qtr: $9.95
  • 75 GB/qtr: $25.95
  • 150 GB/qtr: $45.95

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

According to some reviews, connection speeds are nothing extraordinary.

There were 3 servers available, one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast and the third in the Europe. They have the following address:

  • (US West Coast)
  • (US East Coast)
  • (Europe)

The redundant servers and high bandwidth Internet connections ensure 24/7 uptime, providing the high availability and quality of service as well. The SSL encryption is not available and, finally, 10 parallel connections were available for use.

Quality of Service

We have not tested the quality of service of Newsburg, but according to their website, the binary retention was more than 90 days; the retention for the text groups is more than three years and the completion in binary groups was 99.9%.

Customer Service

Newsburg provide an email customer support, and they also have an FAQ page.


As Newsburg is now closed for business and there website is permanently down –  We recommend that you choose instead from our Best Usenet Providers list.


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