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Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Readnews sells Usenet service to Usenet providers.


The Readnews are usenet resellers, specializing the ‘usenet to the trade’. Their customer base consists of Internet service providers and other usenet providers.

They provide complete outsourcing and fulfill all the aspects of usenet delivery service (marketing, customer management, billing and support are not included, though), or the elements of the services can be bought from them if potential company has its own infrastructure.

ReadNews Server information

They have two server farms; one is located in the Ashburn, VA and the other in Amsterdam. Currently, they are also considering adding the Asia server as well. SSL is provided and a maximum of 50 connections are available. The server address is

Retention and completion

2000 days of binary retention is currently available, but this value is growing up to 600 days more in the near future. The retention for the text groups is 1000 days but growing up to 1400 days as well. There is no information about completion rate.

Pricing and options

There are few different ways how the customer can be billed:

  • $0.15/GB delivered, going down in quantity (the most common choice of their customers)
  • on a $/mbit 95th burstable model or full-pipe basis

The unlimited accounts are available as well with the pricing of $7.50 per month for resale. The unlimited accounts offer up to 50 connections and unlimited bandwidth per user until 300GB per month, after which their reserve the right to limit them to 4 megabits per second.

On the other hand, if the company prefers to have its own infrastructure, they can provide the following:

  • spool access with outbound IP access on “the other side” of the pipe for $12.50/mbit/sec (pricing goes down to $10/mbit at 1 gigabit+ of use)
  • news feeds, header-only feed and IP bandwidth for outbound at $6/mbit/sec

Usenet Access

The private-label web interface is provided, both for the text and image groups.

Illegal content handling

If some copyright complaints appear, they will honor all properly entered the DMCA (Digital millennium copyright act) takedown complaints and they expect from all their customers to do the same by forwarding them to the Readnews so they can cancel the requested articles.


All their business involves outsourcing for other usenet providers. If you are consumer choose here top Usenet providers.


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