Rushnetwork Review

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017

RUSHNetwork discontinued their service in 2010


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

RushNetwork did not have any special offers or discounted pricing.

Free Trial

RushNetwork did not offer a free trial when they were opened.

Plan / Price Offerings

Both unlimited and metered plan types are available. The unlimited costs $19.95 per month and while talking about metered plans, the prices for 20GB and 4GB packages are $9.95 and $1.95 per month respectively.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Speed was just average according to old reviews.

2 server farms are available; one is located in the USA and the other in the Europe. The available server addresses are:


As you can see from the second address, SSL encryption is included (256-bit). The standard server is available at standard 119 port and for the servers that use SSL, the following ports are available: 443, 563, 80 and 8080. Up to 8 simultaneous connections are available and the server carries 85,000 newsgroups.

Technical Notes

We cannot access the website of RushNetwork to get any other technical information.

Quality of Service

We have not tested the service,  but the retention is over 200 days, both for the binary and text groups. The completion rate is over 99%.

Customer Service

RushNetwork has a 24/7 online and email support.


RUSHNetwork discontinued their service in 2010.  As  they closed down we now recommend that you check out our list of Best Usenet Providers instead.



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