Simon News Review

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Simon News is a usenet service provider based in Germany, carrying the Euro-Label trust mark.


Simon News is now an obsolete Usenet Provider. The review below is kept for historical purposes.

Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

There are no special deals or discounted pricing offered by Simon News.

Free Trial

As of the moment, there is no free trial being offered by Simon News.

Plan / Price Offerings

They offer, besides the paid packages, demo account that the user can use either 7 days or once the 500MB bandwidth is used. Naturally, the user is not obligated to cancel this account; it will cancel automatically.

It is interesting to see that the user can access this free account only if he or she provides the mobile phone number and the company will send free SMS with the activation code. This code will the user eventually submit to their website while activating the service.

Further, they offer both monthly and block accounts. The monthly accounts are available in both metered and unlimited traffic and the block account will expire after 5 years or once the available bandwidth is used.

There many options available so let us examine them more thoroughly. For the subscription (where the account will be automatically renewed) the prices are as follows:

  • 10 Gigabyte: 4,95 monthly
  • 25 Gigabyte: 8,95 monthly
  • 50 Gigabyte: 11,95 monthly
  • 75 Gigabyte: 15,95 monthly
  • 150 Gigabyte: 28,95 monthly
  • flatrate 1 Mbit/sec: 11,95 monthly
  • flatrate 4 Mbit/sec: 18,95 monthly
  • flatrate 16 Mbit/sec: 29,95 monthly

If the user decides to subscribe for only one month (the account will automatically expire after the subscription period), the prices for mentioned packages are 5,95, 10,95, 14,95, 19,95, 35,95, 13,95, 24,95 and 37,95 respectively. Let’s also mention that the user can subscribe for a period of 3 or 6 months and in those cases, the monthly price will be lower.

The pricing for the block accounts is as follows:

  • 10 Gigabyte: 6,95
  • 25 Gigabyte: 11,95
  • 50 Gigabyte: 15,95
  • 75 Gigabyte: 21,95
  • 150 Gigabyte: 38,95

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We have not tested the connection speeds of Simonews, but we observed from other reviews they are only standard.

On the website, the addresses of the servers are not provided, but 2 servers are available and each of them offer up to 8 ports of available download at 1 MB.

This means that the user can download up to 16 MB per second. Between 8 and 16 concurrent connections are available and the guaranteed accessibility through their redundant servers is 99.7%.

Technical Notes

There are no other technical notes on Simonews’ website.

Quality of Service

From June 1st of this year, they offer a retention that equals 500 days. The completion rate is 99.5%.  Although we have not tested the service to confirm if this is true or not.

Customer Service

Simonews provides customer support through email and phone.


Simon News offers a decent service however there are much better deals out there both  in terms of quality  and price. We recommend our top Usenet providers list instead of SimonNews


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