SMSUseNET Review

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017

Decent service and many options are available, but we would lean towards other providers.


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

SMSUseNET does not have any special offers/deals, or any discounted pricing.

Free Trial

SMSUseNET does not offer any free trial.

Plan / Price Offerings

They offer two options: MOBILE-XS and FLEXI-XS. Let’s examine what each of these options offer.


This solution is for users that have no previous experience about the usenet and would just like to see what the usenet is, for the users who would like to try this once a month without getting stuck, for the users who need usenet service occasionally and finally, for users who already are usenet subscribers but the group they are interested in is not available or the retention is not long enough. The pricing for this option is as follows:

  • Flexi-XS 2Mbit/7Mbit – €3.95/monthly
  • Flexi-XS 4Mbit/10Mbit – €4.95/monthly
  • Flexi-XS 10Mbit/30Mbit – €6.50/monthly
  • Flexi-XS 60Mbit – €8.75/monthly
  • Flexi-XS 120Mbit – €10.50/monthly


This option is rather flexible as the name suggests. The user can choose the speed, change the type of account, start the account whenever wants to, pause the account if on a vacation, there is no data limit and 3 free accounts are given so the users can either use them for themselves or to give them away.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

The download speed ranges from 2 to 120Mbit/s according to SMSUseNET, but we have not tested their speed to confirm if it’s true or not.

They have one server farm which is located in Europe and according the address (, the server farm itself is located in the Netherlands.

The available ports are standard 119 and 80.  Free SSL encryption is provided, available on ports 563 and 443. A vast amount of over 150,000 newsgroups is available on the server. Full speed headers are available as well. The uptime for the server is 99.8%.

Technical Notes

No other technical information on the website of SMSUseNET.

Quality of Service

We have not tried the service ourselves, but on their website, it says that currently, the retention rate is over 501 days and completion is over 99%.

Customer Service

SMSUseNET has an online support page, an email support, FAQ page, and a forum.


Decent service and many options are available, but we would lean towards other providers.  If you are dutch and you want iDeal payments and cheap you can look at Supernews, Astraweb on our  Best Usenet Providers page.


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