Supernewsfeed Review

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2017

Supernewsfeed is a usenet reseller and while their service is ok


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

Supernewsfeed does not have any special offers/deals, or any discounted pricing.

Free Trial

There is no free trial offered by Supernewsfeed.

Plan / Price Offerings

As we have already mentioned, there are number of pricing options available. The packages mainly differ according the servers and the user can choose between Power and Web options. The pricing is as follows:

  • Power Unlimited (30 days): $17.95
  • Power 10 GB (30 days): $6.95
  • Power 25 GB (30 days): $9.95
  • Power 50 GB (30 days): $16.95
  • Web unlimited (30 days): $18.95
  • Web 10 GB (30 days): $7.99
  • Web 25 GB (30 days): $10.99
  • Web 50 GB (30 days): $17.99

Power packages use and servers. On the other side, Web packages use, and web browser interface as well.

Finally, there is a mixed option offering all the servers available in addition of web browser. 30 days of this option has the pricing of $34.95.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We did not test the connection speed of Supernewsfeed.  They are just average according to other reviews.

4 servers are available at the following addresses:


According to this data, you can easily notice that they have server farms located both in the North America and in the Europe. There is no speed cap, they have distributed architecture with 185TB of storage and multiple back-end servers for scaling out the load, thus allowing thousands of simultaneous connections to their servers.

Technical Notes

There are no other technical information on Supernewsfeed’s website aside from the ones stated above regarding speed and servers.

Quality of Service

The binary retention is over 475 days and according the available data (copied directly from their website). The completion is over 99%.  However, we did not try their service yet to confirm if those are true.

Customer Service

Supernewsfeed has an online support form.


Supernewsfeed is a Usenet reseller who offers no additional value. Their service is expensive considering the competition and you will get  a much better return for your money with another provider like UsenetServer or Astraweb listed in our Best Usenet Providers list.


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