theCubeNet Review

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2021


theCubeNet provides unlimited, secure and reliable Usenet and VPN services. With lightning fast servers, encrypted secure connection and a high retention period, theCubeNet shows that they can compete well with other service providers.


One of the good things theCubeNet has going for them is the variety of plans they have. The provider has unlimited, metered and block account Usenet plans and VPN plans for user security.

Their unlimited plans vary in number of connections but cover everything else like their high retention period, use of servers, SSL encryption and 24/7 support.

Unlimited Usenet Plans

Thecubenet Pricing Unlimited
Unlimited 10  $11.99/mo  $10.99/mo  $9.49/mo semi-annual  10  
Unlimited 30  $12.99/mo  $11.99/mo  $10.99/mo  30  
Unlimited 50  $9.99/mo  $9.99/mo  $9.99/mo  50  
12 Mbps  $10.99/mo  $9.99/mo  $7.99/mo  20  

theCubeNet’s metered accounts offer a fixed amount of bandwidth for each billing period. This is a great option for regular Usenet users who have no need for an unlimited account.

Metered Usenet Plans

Thecubenet Pricing Metered
Metered 30  $4.99/mo  50  30GB/mo  
Metered 60  $5.99/mo  50  60GB/mo  
Metered 125  $7.99/mo  50  125GB/mo  
Metered 250  $9.99/mo  50  250GB/mo  

They also have block accounts for users who don’t use Usenet regularly. Block plans have no expiry and do not require a monthly subscription. Except for bandwidth, you get all the inclusions that are covered in an unlimited plan plus it is shareable to up to 3 users.

Block Usenet Plans

Thecubenet Pricing Block


theCubeNet servers currently have 5812 days of retention and unfiltered access to all binary newsgroups.

Free Trial

theCubeNet provides a full refund on all Unlimited and Metered accounts within 7 days of ordering or 2GB usage, whichever is reached first. For a refund, you may reach or submit a billing ticket. Their bitcoin or other cryptocurrency transactions are not included in the refund program.

Special Offers

theCubeNet is known for regularly having special offers and discounts advertised on their website. As of writing, they have the following special offers:

  • Unlimited Usenet at $34/ year
  • 500GB Usenet Block at $10
  • 2TB Usenet Block at $16
  • 4TB Usenet Block at $30
  • Unlimited VPN Annual Account at $27.99/year
  • 250GB/mo Usenet for 1 year of service at $20/year

For any changes and updates on their special offers, check out theCubeNet website.

Payment Options

theCubeNet accepts major credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin as payment options.

Configuration Information

All their Usenet accounts have access to their US and European servers:

  • US Server:
  • US Secure:
  • EU Server:
  • EU Secure:

Normal Ports: 119, 23, 443, 3128, 7000, 8000, 8080 and 9000
Secure Ports: 563, 80 and 81

Secure servers require an SSL enabled news client.

Speed Test

Thecubenet Speed Test

theCubeNet customers have access to both their US and European servers, allowing to enjoy fast Usenet speeds no matter where you are. Your only limit is the speed of your internet service provider.


The provider includes SSL encryption across all their Usenet plans. They also have VPN plans for another layer of security.

The company collects user information upon subscribing to their service and this is used to process your account and payment. To secure and safeguard the information collected, theCubeNet has put into place physical, electronic and managerial procedures. Personal information is not disclosed unless theCubeNet is required to do so under applicable state and federal laws.

Customer Service

For any concerns, you may submit a ticket through their contact or support page. You may also email them directly via the following email addresses:

Their technical support team is available 24/7 while the rest follow office hours. You may also reach them through 800.646.3961.

Additional Products

theCubeNet offers VPN plans that provide encrypted connection between your computer and one of their servers so you may get an anonymous IP address located anywhere their servers are located. This adds another layer of online security for users.

Thecubenet Pricing Vpn


theCubeNet has impressive features that go along with a wide range of Usenet accounts. They are a reliable provider that offers a high retention period, excellent speed and secure Usenet access. Their unlimited, metered and block plans make them a good choice for different Usenet users who are looking for varied needs.


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