Unison Usenet Review

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

There are no special deals or discounted pricing offered by Unison Usenet.

Free Trial

As of the moment, there is no free trial being offered by Unison Usenet.

Plan / Price Offerings

There is only one pricing option $9 for unlimited monthly downloads while price is good the retention rates (300 days) are not.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

If monthly usage exceeds 400GB then you bandwidth will be throttled.  We have not tested the connection speeds.

They have server farms located both in the Europe and in the North America. Here are the addresses:

  • US news server news.panic.com
  • US secure (SSL) server – news-ssl.panic.com
  • European news server – news.europe.panic.com
  • European secure (SSL) server – news-ssl.europe.panic.com

Up to 8 simultaneous connections are available, the standard server ports are 119, 443 or 8080 and SSL-based servers use ports 563, 80 or 81.

Unison software

Their newsreader is very decent piece of software for Mac OSX users – turning multi-part browsing into extremely easy task. Besides this, it offers search option, UnPAR/UnRAR/Join features are built-in, the messages can be managed with rules, music can be previewed directly by streaming from server, etc.

Quality of Service

We have not tried the service yet but according to their website, the binary retention is 300 days there is no information about completion rate.

Customer Service

Unison Usenet has an email customer service support.


Consider their Mac Osx newsreader but don’t get their Usenet service as retention is limited and bandwidth is throttled. Instead review our list of the best Usenet services.


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