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Last Updated: Apr 22, 2012

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In the last few weeks the developers over at Easynews have been busy spooling their server and creating a retention increase of 55 days. That brought their retention from 1275 days all the way up to 1330, and that isn’t all that their monthly newsletter talked about.

NNTP Only Accounts Now Available

For those more experienced users, or those of you who like the longer retention available by using NNTP access, you now can opt to not get the web interface. But the web interface is still a perfect way to introduce potential Usenet fanatics to the newsgroup world. The Easynews web interface has been instrumental in teaching many new users the hierarchy, customs, and politics of newsgroups, even though the retention is limited to a mere 200 days of binary retention.

Web Interface Changed Too

They changed their web based search interface around, too. They are inviting everyone to check it out and put in their feedback about improvements, problems, or additional feature requests. But Easynews has so many more features than just the ones you see on the surface, like the NNTP and Web based interface. Here are a few of their highlights:

  • Access: Web or client. Web is limited to just 200 days of retention while NNTP gets full benefits. Web interface is exclusive to the Easynews servers, too.
  • Accounts: Unlimited and metered. Though there are limits on web data transfers in each type of account.
  • Security: 256 bit SSL is available, and recommended.
  • NNTP Client: Easiest to use in the Usenet community. Has thumbnails, auto handles RAR and PAR files, auto unpacks downloads to specified folder, has virtually every popular feature integrated into the client.

Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s still fairly early in the year but we are expecting a lot more improvements to be announced throughout 2012 by the Easynews development team. And, with price tiers ranging from $9.95 up to $29.94, we expect that their popularity will also increase a lot. If you would like to know more about Easynews, their web based interface, or their NNTP client, or any of our other featured Usenet providers. then we have all the facts in our Easynews Review.


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