Easynews New Retention and Paypal Option

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2011

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As the end of the year draws near, everyone is scrambling to rush out and get their last minute gifts. For some this shouldn’t be too hard, we can just shop the internet, and pay using our Paypal account, but until recently it wasn’t possible to do this for your Easynews account gifting, they couldn’t accept Paypal…until recently. They also announced an increase in their NNTP retention too. Not only making the easiest Usenet service out there even easier, but then piling on top of that added incentives.

Easynews New Retention Announcement

All this last summer we have been telling you all kinds of improvements, and added features. Virtually every Usenet provider has upped their retention rates, improved their browsers and service, and Easynews has been no exception. But just a few days ago Easynews announced that their retention of 1,130 days was being increased to 1,200 days for the NNTP retention. NNTP retention is the amount of retention for their newsreader users, and while there wasn’t any increase in the 200 days of retention for their web based access, they are the only ones offering this.

Here’s a little more about Easynews for those of you that aren’t “in the know.”

  • Web based Access – They are the only ones, and this is the perfect way for beginners to get a start learning about Usenet.
  • Servers – Locations both in U.S. and Europe, easy to find a fast connection.
  • Thumbnail Viewing – Cool, and also helps make things easier for beginners.
  • SSL – 256 bit SSL included in every account.
  • Paypal – Now accepted, more on that below.

A New PayPal payment Gateway Opened

They have also added this new feature at the behest of a lot of customers that couldn’t get their service otherwise…so they just became completely global. No more problems signing up and shuffling money around from account to account…or not being able to purchase at all. Paypal is one of the most secure payment gateways, so there isn’t anything to worry about there either.

If you are just starting out we would like to recommend Easynews to you as they are the easiest Usenet access to use, mainly because of the web based access. This kind of access can’t be found with any other Usenet provider, and makes getting the hang of browsing Usenet an easy process. If you would like to learn more about Usenet access, we have tutorials, reviews, and a whole pile of information on our website. To get more information on how easy Easynews actually is, you can get all the details on them in our review of easynews


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