Golden Frog Posts Storage Servers Pics

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2012

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Ever wonder what the internet, (or any other network,) looks like? A few of us around the office have had the pleasure of exploring and looking around large network server facilities, but the guys at Golden Frog understand that many of their members and users haven’t, (and probably never will,) had the opportunity…most don’t even know what the individual servers look like. So, they showed off a little.

It’s Not Bragging

It’s not…if you can do it. When they recently added a couple of 500 TB, (and that’s a lot,) servers to their array, they took a few photos. And, now they are so proud of their new acquisitions, that they have published a few of those photos. The pics show a rack in their Austin Texas “Data Foundry” facility. That’s 130,000 square feet of those behemoths.

Sorry Guys, Membership Required

These servers aren’t for the general public yet. Right now,, the only people that are getting Dump Truck online storage service are the Giganews members. They do have plans in the works though, to open up the possibility od separate accounts for those needing online storage alone. But, until they get the details ironed out for this, you’ll have to have a Giganews account.

Our Top Rated Provider

It’s not a bad thing, the requirement of the Giganews account. That will get you Usenet access from one of the industries most respected Usenet providers. With the Usenet access you will get their award winning Mimo newsreader, VyprVPN, and Dump Truck online storage. If you would like more about the services that Giganews offers, you can get a full list in our Giganews Review.


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